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www.powderpoachers.net is a place where we can talk about reviews of Freeride Skis along with AT Skis. You will typically only find reviews on skis that are over 90mm in the waist. As for my personal quiver it usually consists of skiing Line EP Pros. I enjoy different and at 127mm’s in the waist the Line EP Pro is absolutely amazing in every condition you can throw its way as long as you know how to ski it and you can ski light on the feet in a very neutral position. Enjoy the Blog we will also be writing about some trips that we take in and out of resorts, Tuck’s and even summer trips as well. Please feel free to comment on posts and if you have any questions I will do my best to answer them.

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  1. hey I am trying to decide which powder ski to get and I keep hearing different things from everyone. I have narrowed it down to the atomic bent chetler, line magnum opus, and the armada jj 2.0. But I can’t decide between the three. I want a really fun powder ski that will fit my riding style. (Jumps and flips and spins) if you could help that would be great. Or if you have any other skis you think would be good. Thank you. I love your blog.

  2. I am sure you have purchased by now but I wanted to weigh in this. All 3 are great skis from different companies. The Magnum Opus and JJ 2.0 are going to be your lightest, the Bent is going to be your hardest charger, the JJ 2.0 is probably the best versatile ski out of the 3, and the Magnum Opus is the lightest and skis switch the best. For flips and spins all 3 would certainly work but I think the Opus or JJ would be your 2 best choices. The JJ 2.0 has the most flex of the 3 and is probably the more playful ski followed by the magnum opus and Bent. I love the Bent for charging big lines and it has no speed limit but for more playful skiing it is a little more burly.

  3. I’ve had the 2009 Line Prophet 172cm for the last 5 years and I have always loved it. It is my go-to ski. I ski in the woods mostly as well as moguls. This ski really suits my style and the terrain I ski in the east. I also want a ski that I can cruise the groomers on firmer days that we have here. They have over 150 days so I’m thinking it may be time for a newer ski. I’m not sure if I should get the Influence or the Prophet 98s. I was considering the Volkl Mantra, but I’m concerned that the 24m turn radius may not suit my style or make me feel like I’m working harder. The 17m Prophet works well for me. I’m 160lbs 5’8″. I also own 2009 Volkl Gotamas, but find the 178cm goat a little burly in comparison even with the early rise. I have the Rossi S7s for powder days and love them, but find them too chattery on the groomers. I’m wondering if the rockered ski will be too short of if I need to go up in length with a rockered Line (the 09s are not rockered). I tried to demo these skis but they were so popular at the demo days I couldn’t get my hands on them. So any information you can give me to help with this decision would be great. I am hoping to score a good deal at the end of this season.

  4. Your concerns on the mantra are correct. Stick with the Prophet 98 with rocker and a lighter flex than that of the Prophet 98 making it more versatile in more conditions. On groomers the S7 with that tail will never hold an edge it always wants to slide out and skid. Find an older pair of Prophet’s and you will certainly be happy with them!

  5. Hello, I am 54, skiing 50 years 5’10”, 192lbs. excellent shape and excellent skier. I ride 192, Line MPO’s and 184 Line Prophet 115’s. Ski the Jane, a lot and on hard pack days I think what it would be like to have some 100mm skis. So, Eric must like the same type of skis as me because his skis feel like they were custom made for me, love them. I am looking at the Supernatural 100, the Nordica nrgy100 and the Mantra. Any thoughts? Also, should I sell my MPO’s and go with the Magnum? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, David

  6. Hi David!

    You sound like me when it comes to getting on Pollard skis and feeling like they were made for us! There are a couple of skis I am going to suggest around the 100mm range for you. The Supernatural 100 is a great firm snow ski and also the Atomic Vantage 100 CTi has quickly become one of my favorites in this category as well. If you want a ski with out metal the new bacon is 104mm in the waste. I still love my 192cm MPO and I own both the MPO and Magnum. I actually think what I am going to do is instead of the Magnum this year I am going to ski the all new Line Mordecai which replaces the Opus and is 114mm in the waste and used the Cloud Core Technology found in both the new Bacon and Magnum.

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