2013 Armada Norwalk Ski Review


Ski: 2013 Armada Norwalk

Size: 179cm

Flex: Moderate (same as JJ)

Rocker: Tip Only/Camber Underfoot

Dimensions: 125-140-115-131mm

Turn Radius: 19m @ 179cm

The Armada Norwalk is a brand new ski for Armada in 2013 and we feel this is going to be a huge hit with those of you that are looking for a big mountain ski. If you enjoyed the Armada JJ Skis, but wanted a ski with more energy out of the tail the new Armada Norwalk is the ski for you! With tip rocker only and a traditional tail the Norwalk skis had incredible stability at higher speeds, something that you lose on the JJ because of the non traditional tail. Overall this was an excellent choice for big mountain skis, it was not as versatile as the Line Opus, however if you want a hard charger and enjoy the way Armada Skis ski then this should be a top pick for you. It plowed through chopped up snow and it had not issues at all going through tight trees or bumped up snow. It is one of the best new skis Armada has created. If you want more of a Powder Hound ski then check out the new Armada Magic J or Bubba.