2013 K2 Ski Review of the K2 Sideshow 50th Anniversary Rolling Stones Skis

K2 and the Rolling Stones are turning 50!!! To celebrate K2 Skis and the Rolling Stones have teamed up to create the Limited Edition K2 Sideshow with the Rolling Stones graphics on them. These skis have a special die cut in the base with the Stones logo and you will also receive a Free T Shirt from k2 when you buy these skis. The Sideshow is a versatile do it all kind of ski wether you enjoy doing sidecountry, slackcountry or just want a fun ski for making tracks in the woods. The Sideshow is a perfect ski for AT and Backcountry with a lightweight design and a perfect tail for putting skins on. It will also make a great work of art for your collection. They will be making a Sidestaash ski as well with a totally different graphic. These will sell out as they only made  a Limited number and each on is numbered as to what pair they are!! Find em and buy em!!

2012 K2 Obsethed Skis Review

The 2012 K2 Skis are back and the biggest change is the graphic. With a very subtle graphic for 2011 Seth decided to bump it back up to a more evil look. The K2 Obsethed Skis is a favorite among freeride skiers and with a longer turn radius and more rocker than the 2010 Obsethed the 2012 Obsethed is built more for the true freeride skier that spends most of his time off the trail and in the search for powder and less time on the trail. On trail the turn radius is very long and it sometimes feels like a long time getting the ski on edge, however thanks to the Powder Rocker the skis float and slash powder and crud with ease. If you are into jumping off everything you can find then you will enjoy taking the Obsethed into some very fun adventures. Suggested mounting point depends on where on the ski you want to be. I suggest for Freeride/Powder skiing to be around the +2cm mark, if you are more all mountain then go around the +3 to +4cm. Overall a great ski for powder skiing and big mountain lines. Does lack some versatility on the groomers but if you are not worried about that then this is a great ski for you.

2012 Line EP Opus Ski Review

Most versatile pair of skis I have ever owned is the all new 2012 Line EP Opus skis. The Line EP Opus skis does whatever you want the ski to do in any conditions and terrain. With the float of the EP Pro and the maneuverability of the Sir Francis Bacon the Line EP Opus skis are the ultimate one ski quiver ski. Although the ski is narrower than the EP Pro it still has amazing float thanks to where the Early Taper and Early rise have been located. Eric Pollard designed these skis as his masterpiece and as someone who has not only skied every ski that Pollard has designed but also has been skiing with the man himself  he has combined all the best of his creations into this one ski. If you are looking for an excellent AT ski but don’t want the waist width of the Opus then I would suggest the Sir Francis Bacon.

If you are looking for a ski to help you poach your favorite places then this is my weapon of choice. It will ski the deepest of powder with ease while attacking the windblown snow with very little effort. 2 places the EP Opus excels in where many others in this 115mm+ waist category does not is on the groomers and bumps/moguls. I was able to make full pull bump runs with very little effort or adjustment. When it came to skiing glades there was no other ski I would rather be on than the Opus. If you are charging hard and enjoy a stiffer ski than you would want the Prophet 115 or Influence 115, but if you enjoy a ski with tons of playful energy and one that just enjoys everything in front of you then the Line EP Opus is a ski that you really should not pass by with out buying. It looks like untracked.com or Al’s Ski Barn has these in stock right no and ready to sell!!

Late February Storm at Saddleback, Maine!!

Who doesn’t enjoy a good late Feb storm! Closing up shop and heading to the mountain to go storm chasing. Hopefully over a foot of fresh snow is going to fall up at Saddleback Maine Ski Resort. If you have not had a chance to check out the 40+ Acres of beautifully cut Glades then you are doing yourself a great injustice. These glades are some of the best cut you will find anywhere. The trees have been pole sawed and there is something for everyone to enjoy. There is no getting lost it all comes out to the lift which is even better! If you want to drop some 10 foot drops there are some of those as well!! The hardest part is deciding what to ski on, I think I will bring the EP Pro’s and Line Prophet 115. There will be some skinning to do if the winds come in with the storm and I don’t want to miss the snow!!! Come join us at Saddleback and enjoy some of the best hospitality that you will enjoy at any ski resort!!

Portland Maine Ski and Snowboard Coalition

Hello Skiers & Snowboarders of Portland, Maine

As some of you may have heard I have been thinking about starting some sort of ski/snowboard club or group to bring the skiers and Snowboarders of the Portland area together. When I moved to Portland, ME I didn’t really know many skiers or snowboarders; most of my friends who ski and ride are actually college friends who come up from Boston a couple times each year. If you drive around the city you will notice that just about every other car has a ski rack, or some sort of ski related sticker. If you attend the ski movie premieres (Warren Miller, Matchstick, TGR) each year you have seen that there are a lot of dedicated, crazy, and passionate skiers and boarders here. So, every year I have searched online for a club or group that I could join; nothing I found really met my needs or interested me. I really wanted to find some sort of club or group that was more informal, didn’t have meetings, didn’t have dues, didn’t cost anything, and just allowed people to meet up, hit the slopes, and enjoy happy hour together. So I figured that no one was going to make this happen for me, so I am officially announcing the launch of the Portland Ski and Snowboard Coalition!

Everything is still in the beginning/startup phase right now, but more information will be available soon. We are still kind of defining what this Coalition will be. I am picturing it being more of a social club, or collection of like-minded skiers and snowboarders. I have a bunch of great ideas and hopefully I will get them up and running soon.

Like us on Facebook: Portland-Ski-Snowboard-Coalition
Check us out on the web: portlandskisnowboard.com/

If you have some ideas or feedback feel free to email me or contact me through facebook.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!