Portland Maine Ski and Snowboard Coalition

Hello Skiers & Snowboarders of Portland, Maine

As some of you may have heard I have been thinking about starting some sort of ski/snowboard club or group to bring the skiers and Snowboarders of the Portland area together. When I moved to Portland, ME I didn’t really know many skiers or snowboarders; most of my friends who ski and ride are actually college friends who come up from Boston a couple times each year. If you drive around the city you will notice that just about every other car has a ski rack, or some sort of ski related sticker. If you attend the ski movie premieres (Warren Miller, Matchstick, TGR) each year you have seen that there are a lot of dedicated, crazy, and passionate skiers and boarders here. So, every year I have searched online for a club or group that I could join; nothing I found really met my needs or interested me. I really wanted to find some sort of club or group that was more informal, didn’t have meetings, didn’t have dues, didn’t cost anything, and just allowed people to meet up, hit the slopes, and enjoy happy hour together. So I figured that no one was going to make this happen for me, so I am officially announcing the launch of the Portland Ski and Snowboard Coalition!

Everything is still in the beginning/startup phase right now, but more information will be available soon. We are still kind of defining what this Coalition will be. I am picturing it being more of a social club, or collection of like-minded skiers and snowboarders. I have a bunch of great ideas and hopefully I will get them up and running soon.

Like us on Facebook: Portland-Ski-Snowboard-Coalition
Check us out on the web: portlandskisnowboard.com/

If you have some ideas or feedback feel free to email me or contact me through facebook.


If you have any questions please feel free to ask!!


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