2013 K2 Ski Review of the K2 Sideshow 50th Anniversary Rolling Stones Skis

K2 and the Rolling Stones are turning 50!!! To celebrate K2 Skis and the Rolling Stones have teamed up to create the Limited Edition K2 Sideshow with the Rolling Stones graphics on them. These skis have a special die cut in the base with the Stones logo and you will also receive a Free T Shirt from k2 when you buy these skis. The Sideshow is a versatile do it all kind of ski wether you enjoy doing sidecountry, slackcountry or just want a fun ski for making tracks in the woods. The Sideshow is a perfect ski for AT and Backcountry with a lightweight design and a perfect tail for putting skins on. It will also make a great work of art for your collection. They will be making a Sidestaash ski as well with a totally different graphic. These will sell out as they only made  a Limited number and each on is numbered as to what pair they are!! Find em and buy em!!

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