2012 K2 Obsethed Skis Review

The 2012 K2 Skis are back and the biggest change is the graphic. With a very subtle graphic for 2011 Seth decided to bump it back up to a more evil look. The K2 Obsethed Skis is a favorite among freeride skiers and with a longer turn radius and more rocker than the 2010 Obsethed the 2012 Obsethed is built more for the true freeride skier that spends most of his time off the trail and in the search for powder and less time on the trail. On trail the turn radius is very long and it sometimes feels like a long time getting the ski on edge, however thanks to the Powder Rocker the skis float and slash powder and crud with ease. If you are into jumping off everything you can find then you will enjoy taking the Obsethed into some very fun adventures. Suggested mounting point depends on where on the ski you want to be. I suggest for Freeride/Powder skiing to be around the +2cm mark, if you are more all mountain then go around the +3 to +4cm. Overall a great ski for powder skiing and big mountain lines. Does lack some versatility on the groomers but if you are not worried about that then this is a great ski for you.

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