2012 Line Influence 105 Freeride Skis Review

The 2012 Line Influence 105 Skis are the All Mountain Skiers dream ski. If you want one ski to do it all then you have found yourself the right ski. At 105mm in the waist with a Metal Matrix, Early Rise, and Capwall Technology the Line Influence 105 skis will do everything you want the ski to do in every condition. If you find yourself more groomer oriented then go with the Pophet 98, but if you find yourself wanting to search out glades and fresh snow then it sounds like the Influence 105 is the ski for you. Built for playing off trail more than on you will be pleasantly surprised how easily this ski will carve trenches on firm East Coast snow. I prefer the Influence 115 for my own skiing but understand why for the majority out there the 105 is going to be a more versatile ski for them. The Marker Griffon ski binding is a great match for this ski and one that I highly would recommend using.

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  1. As prices are dropping on 11/12 inventory, I’m trying to decide between the Influence 115 vs. 105. Looking to compliment my Bacons — which I love — with a faster, more stable feel on groomers, and something that slice through hard crud, chop and crust. I vowed after getting the Bacons that I would never ski anything under 108 again. My one concern about the 115 is the thought of ending up in an unexpected, tight tree line or mogul field and getting thrashed. Not sure if the 105 would offer much better bump performance, but I wanted to get your thoughts. How might the different sidewalls and weight come into play? FYI 5’2″, 155 lbs.

  2. If you are looking for a great deal and one of the best skis on the marker go with the Prophet 115 instead of the Influence 115. Same ski just a different graphic. The Line Prophet 115 and Influence 115 are amazing skis and although you would think because of the 153mm tip and metal that it would be a tough ski in tight areas you would be surprosed at how well the tip rocker on that ski allows you to easily ski through and over bump fields and in tight tree areas. I loved this ski so much in the trees that I moutned a pair with Barons so I could do some slackcountry skiing with them. The Influence 105 is an awesome ski but you have no problem turning a wider ski so go with the 115 all the way.

  3. Looking for a ski to replace my head supermojo 105’s, I’m 5’7” 150lbs, and the influence 105 seems very tempting. I ski over 100 days a year, and teach at jackson hole. I was skiing the supermojo at a 180, but that’s as short as I go for a lift access ski and it was traditional camber. My issue with the influence is I think the 179 is too short but 186 seems long. I have an old pair of dynastar legend pro’s in 186 and I like them some days but they are a hair long. Do these skis ski short because of the progressive rocker technology, or should I look for something else like a 183 coax etc?

  4. Hi Eric,
    The Influence 105 would be perfect for you. The Line 105 measures and skis short so the 186cm length is going to measure more like a 184cm and is going to ski shorter than that because of the rocker. Coaz is a fun ski but the Influence 105 is a more versatile ski.

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