2012 Line Prophet 98 Skis Review

The Line Prophet 100 is no longer. For 2012 Line decided to make some changes to the Prophet Line and the Prophet 100 went to 98mm in the waist but more importantly it now has Early Rise and an all new Capwall Construction!! Both of these changes makes the 2012 Line Prophet 98 Skis some of the most versatile All Mountain Ski on the mountain. The slight tip rocker allows this ski to get edge to edge unlike a ski with out tip rocker. You wont even notice this ski is almost 100mm under foot.  These skis are designed for skiing everything on the mountain. If you find yourself tending to go in the woods more than anything then you will want to look at the all new Line Influence 105 Skis or if you enjoy wide like I do the Influence 115 is one of my favorite skis. For the masses the Line Prophet 98 Skis are going to be an easy go to ski no matter which coast you live on. With a 17.2m turn radius in a 179cm length you can see why many Volkl Mantra owners have started to make the switch to Line Skis and with a Fatty Base & Edge you are know they are going to have incredible durability.  Don’t be afraid to buy long in this ski as they measure short and the tip rocker makes them ski even shorter.  If you are looking for a one ski quiver around 100mm then look no further than the Line Prophet 98 Skis for 2012. If you do not enjoy rocker yet and are still not ready to change then you can still find some 2010 and 2011 Prophet 100’s on the market.

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  1. My Prophet 98s (186cm) just arrived in the mail 😀

    I was a big fan of the 100s after demoing them for a couple days, and then a bunch of people warned me that the 186 would sell out in a flash if I didn’t get on it quick. I still feel a little odd about buying boards I’ve never tried, but I have a feeling they’re going to be just fine.

  2. I can tell you that you will in no way be dissappointed with the Prophet 98. If you enjoyed the Prophet 100 you will love the Prophet 98 with the new Capwall and early rise even more!!

  3. I vowed (to myself) to never buy a ski without first doing a demo. It just seems that I can’t go wrong with the 98. Right now I am on recons (loved em for so long) and sugar daddies (yes I am old – 60! yikes) but I have been skiing Alta for 30 years (have the ALTA tat to prove it) and am ready for rocker fatties (not that 98 mm is fat any more). I love to ski the entire mountain – even Baldy chutes – so what is the down side to the 98? I love the forgiveness of K2 and softness of my sugar daddies and get burned by stiffer skies (I am a solid Alta advanced skier but suck on ice – a condition that I see as NO FUN anyway.)

  4. Peter,
    You are not the only one. So many people have told us the same thing and then we sold them other Prophet models and the praises they come back with are amazing. For us we always enjoed the versatility of the Prophet 100. Has metal but not full metal it is a metal matrix so it is not stiff at all yet has great versatility when you get on firm conditions. The only thing it was lacking was some rocker. The all new Prophet 98 is just the perfect ski for someone who wants a ski around 100mm in the waist and they want it to be forgiving yet have amazing edge hold when it gets on groomers. The only downfall we see with the ski is that it is 98mm in the waist, but that is more of a personal issue as I enjoy skiing skis around the 115mm+ range. For someone looking in the 100mm range of widths there is nothing bad that I can even say about the ski!! They are going to be a huge seller this year and you really can not go wrong with buying this ski, just don’t get it to short.

  5. I’m planning on getting some based on reviews and friends comments but can’t decide what length to get. I’m about 6’1″ / 186cm tall and weigh 93kg / 205lb(US) – any recommendations would be appreciated! I’ve been skiing Sweet Daddy 181’s with touring bindings mostly, not skiied anything bigger – yet!

  6. In this ski you can do either the 179cm or the `86cm length. Rocker does tend to make the ski ski shorter. If you are skiing tight trees and bumps then go with the 179cm, if you are skiing more wide open terrain then go with the 186cm length for added stability.

  7. What level of skiier do you need to be for you to actually get the full advantage of this ski?
    Ive been skiing since I was 12 years but ahvent skiied for 8 years and just started again afte moving to Chile and wanted to start off with some good all around skis that I can use for many years.
    Im 180cm tall and weigh 82kg.

    Any help / comments would be extremly appreciated.

  8. Hi Peter,
    An Intermediate level skier and above can all enjoy the ease and fun that is the Prophet 98. The Prophet 98 with its tip rocker is incredibly easy to use and will allow you to progress as a skier. With no effort to get the ski on edge you will be able to feel confident again taking this on steep terrain and once you become more advanced you will be able to take full advantage of all the ski has to offer.


  9. I’m thinking about the 2012 Volkl Mantra and Line Prophet 98. I tried the Mantras at a demo day and liked them. I ski 20 days in Colorado, am 60, an expert, 180 cm tall, 170 lbs. If there is powder and crud, I’m in it and in the trees. How does the Prophet 98 compare to the Mantra and should I consider 179 or 186. My current “powder” skis are vintage 180 cm Volant Chubs.

  10. Hi Tom,
    Prophet 98 is a less planky version of the Volkl Mantra. They are quicker turning and easier to use in all conditions than the Mantra. Mantra is a great ski, but I really enjoy the playfulness and ease of use Prophet 98 over the Volkl Mantra As for length if you are aggressive all the time go with the 186cm length if you want something a little quicker and easier in the trees then go with the 179cm length, you can not go wrong with either length for your size and ability.

  11. For a 5’7″ 150 pound male do you recommend the 65 or 72 Prophet 98’s? I am intermediate / adv and enjoy skiing the trees and bumps more than anything – and usually in powder conditions.

    Thanks for your advice.

  12. You can easily do either length. Personally if I were your size I would go with the 172cm because of the rocker in the ski, but if you enjoy a shorter length ski for tighter areas and easier bump skiing then you should consider the 165cm length. If you find yourself tin powder conditions a lot then it is a no brainer to go with the 172cm length, but if it is just every once in a while thne you can consider the 165cm length.

  13. I am strongly considering getting those skis I wish the were 100’s but my question is what size will feet me the best, I am 5’8″ 180 Pounds I want to get the 179 I ski a lot off trails trees and bumps, should I get 179 or 172 ?

  14. Hi Fred,
    2mm’s is not going to make a difference. The actual measurement of the Prophet 98 is about 98.5 and the actual measurement of the Prophet 100 was about 99mm so in all actuality the difference is about a 1/4 of a mm to each edge. If you are going with the Prophet 98 then you need the 179cm length. The rocker makes the ski seem shorter than it is and at 180lbs you will have no problem at all handling the 179cm length. If you were skiing bumps all the time and you enjoy only skiing shorter skis then you could go with the 172cm length, but I can not suggest that you go that short in this ski.

  15. Looking for a one ski to do all but deep powder in the resort. I`m 5.5/150. Would 172 be the right size? I`m intermediate and spend most of my time off piste and ungroomed runs. Although I do like trees, I`m a little concerned the 172 wouldn`t be quick enough. I did demo the Prophet 90@165 and found it good size, but think going for the 98 should go up in size. Any recommendation?

  16. Hello,
    172cm would be a perfect length for your height and weight. You will have no problem with the 172cm being quick enough, the 172cm length has a 17m turn radius that is plenty quick in the trees! The Prophet 98 is also a softer ski than the Prophet 90 and it also has a quicker turn radius!! That is the reason it is our best selling ski.

  17. I’m looking for a one quiver all-mountain ski. I live in the east but I like to get out west and ski there too. I used to ski mostly groomers but recently I’ve started hitting some ungroomed and powder and I really want to explore more of those. I demoed some Fischer Watea 98’s at 186 and loved them. I also want to make sure I’m buying a durable ski because I’ve had some problems with skis delaminating in the past. Any thoughts? Thanks!

  18. The Prophet 98 skis are a great choice for what you are looking for. It is a one ski quiver ski that will ski all conditions with ease. Not sure which skis you have had a problem with delaminationg but we haven’t seen any of those issues with Line Skis for years. Line the past 4 years or so has been putting out one of the most durable skis you can get on the market.

  19. Does the 105 Influence ski a little longer than the Prohet 98 due to stiffness increase? 5′ 10.5″ and 205 lbs. Perfer trees, but find myself sking the groomers with the wife 50% of the time and then I like a stiff ski that rails. Thoughts? I am thinking the 179’s.

  20. They ski about the same maybe a tad longer but not much even if they are a little stiffer. You can easily do the 179cm, if you find yourself always searching for more speed then you would want to go with the 186cm length as they still ski a little short. And as with all Line skis they get on edge so easily.

  21. looking for an 70% off-piste open terrain + trees, 30% groomed ski for European snow conditions (not the Colorado/Utah fluffy powder). I ski anything, 185cm (6′), 72kg (160lbs).
    Would you recommend the Prophet or some wider ski?
    What length: 179 or 186cm?
    Thanks a lot!

  22. For EU skiing the Prophet 98 and Influence 105 Skis are certainly going to be 2 of your best choices. These skis will give you the versatility on and off piste. If you are going to be skiing 70% Off piste I would suggest going to more of something like the Influence 105 especially if your snow has more water content in it. This will allow you to plow through it. You can easily do either length. If you want more stability than anything go with the 186cm, if you want something a little quicker turning in tight areas then go with the 179cm length.

  23. thanks, Adam! How would you rate the Influence 105 (179) compared to the Mr. Pollard’s Opus (185) and the Sir Francis Bacon (178)? Too wide – to slope orientated?
    I will use a Marker Duke to be able for short back-country uphill skiing.

  24. I want to use these skies Line Prophet 100 (http://www.backcountry.com/line-prophet-100-alpine-ski) with binding Dynafit Radical FT12 (http://www.dynafit.com/product/bindings/tlt-radical-ft-110mm-z12) also for ski touring. Got anyone experiences with this combination or what’s your opinion?

    Because I heard that with these skis at underfoot 100mm I can rip of the binding from the ski in some hard turns because they don’t have titan blade in construction.
    I’m 181cm tall and 92kg (203 lb) heavy.

  25. Influence Skis are totally different compared to that of the Opus and Bacon. If you want more of a groomer ski that will charge in the woods then go with the Influence 105. I am finding that guys who want to be aggressive all the time really enjoy the Influence skis and skiers who want a combination of playfulness and versatility go more toward the Bacon and Opus. Opus is really just a wider Bacon. If you are putting a Duke on it then I would say stick with the Bacon or the Influence 105. Influence has metal and will weigh more. It will also be a little more freeride groomer oriented as well. Still skis all conditions very well. Again if you want power go with the Influence. If you want playfulness then SFB.

  26. Hello,
    Have not ever used that combo, however the Prophet 100 and Prophet 98 both have a metal matrix and I have seen very little in the way of binding rip out on any Line skis but especially ones with a metal matrix. Not sure where you saw they do not have a Metal Matrix but they do so the Dynafit should be fine in that ski even with hard turns.

  27. 59 yrs old. 177cm, 73 Kg (160lbs). Ski just about anything, prefer trees and off piste but occasionaly like to let rip on the groomers. Have heard a lot about the 98. What length would you suggest? Thanks.

  28. I’m looking for a one quiver all-mountain ski. I´m 44 years and have skied over 30 years (5,85 / 167). I don´t have tested Prophet 98. It is hard to decide which lenght is perfect for me. I was thinking 179 cm ski. Any recomendation? Thanks!

  29. Hello,
    You can easily ski the 179cm length. If you like to ski short you can do the 172cm, but the 179cm is the choice length in this ski. The Rocker makes the ski feel shorter than it is.

  30. If you are a good skier stay with the 179cm length in this ski as they do ski short. 4 out of 5 people should really be skiin gthis ski in teh 179cm length. Most of us here are 5’6″ tall and we all use the 179cm length in the Prophet 98.

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