It’s coming down hard outside here in Farmington and tomorrow is shaping up to be an EPIC pow day! I hope you’ve been saving those sick days because tomorrow is definitely the day to come down with the mysterious 24 hour flu! Head up to the mountain tonight and grab first chair in the morning, it’ll be worth it with over 2 feet predicted here in Maine!

On another note, a late update on our Mad River Glen trip the other weekend. If you’re getting bored with the glades at your home mountain, get to Mad River because this place has some of the gnarliest tree skiing I’ve ever seen on the East! Find some locals willing to show you around and you won’t be disappointed. Not to mention, if the snow is right, plenty of cliff drops that will get the heart rate going good.

Burlington, VT

So I’m chillin down here in Burlington, stoked on a day at Mad River tomorrow and I just have to say, if you want a ski town, Burlington is the place. Wear the beenie out in Portland and you get some funny looks, wear the beenie out here and your’s won’t be the coolest. The art and creativity in this town is off the hook. Get to Burlington, VT and do some skiing/partying! This place is awesome. I’ll let you know how the snow at Mad River is!


Wish You Were Here

1/10/09 marked Sugarloaf’s second rail jam named "Wish you were here" rail jam. I was lucky enough to judge the skiers competition and I was rewarded with one of the most technical and stylish rail jams Sugarloaf has ever hosted. It was a cold night but there was a lot of action from both the skiers and snowboarders. The winners of the jam would be awarded a spot in the Downtown Showdown in Portland on February 14th. The winner on the skier side side was Tyler Shores and on the snowboarder side was Benjamin Bisson of CVA. Good Job to everyone who competed and good luck Bisson and Shores in the Downtown Showdown. For those interested in this event check out:

for photos and video from the Wish You Were Here Rail Jam:


Big things on the East

A little birdie in a tree told me to keep an eye on the Park Shark Challenge at Saddleback mountain this year, rumor has it funding from one of those energy drink dudes might provide a unique feature as well as tons of prizes from companies like . What’s better than april competition fun and free swag? Stay tuned for details as they come to me.


Even Santa Goes Jibbing

We all woke up early, having fallen asleep to the sound of snow plows and the quite lull of falling powder, only to have our dreams of an epic day ripped right out from beneath us by RAIN! If you live in the east you know exactly the day I’m referring to. But lucky for us, Sugarloaf found a way to keep us all stoked on winter, and tossed us yet another Rail Jam! The 2nd annual Jingle Jam kicked off with a 50/50 on the new "Dance Floor" by the one and only Mr. Claus himself and an epic night of jibbing it turned out to be. Check out some shots from the night at . Stay tuned for more events and keep your fingers crossed for SNOW!!!