2018 Atomic Backland FR 109 Ski Review

2018 Atomic Backland FR 109 Skis

Ski: Atomic Backland FR 109 Skis

Size: 182cm

Mounting Position: Factory

Rocker: 25% Tip Rocker/65% Camber/10%Tail Rocker

Turn Radius: 18.5m

Dimensions: 134-109-124

As most of you know I am a huge fan of Line Skis, but i have to say that Atomic has really been stepping up their game the past few years and have really been making some of the top Freeride Skis on the market. The Atomic Backland FR 109 is combination of everything you would want in a one ski quiver ski. It is light, quick turning, and you can ski deep powder with it just as easily as charge the groomers. The flex is moderate and user friendliness is at an all time high with this ski. It transitioned with ease from trees and bumps to groomers and steeps. Even at high speed I never felt chatter and the ski loved to make medium radius turns with out much effort at all. If you are looking for a ski that is much like the old Line Sir Francis Bacon but not as heavy the Backland 109 is an excellent choice.



2015 Blizzard Spur Carbon Fiber Powder Skis Review


2015 Blizzard Spur
2015 Blizzard Spur

The 2015 Blizzard Spur is one of the best powder skis that you can buy for the money. Most skis with this kind of technology is at least a few hundred dollars more than the Blizzard Spur. If you are looking for a lightweight powder tool or a BC Touring  ski you will not be disappointed with this ski. Unlike the other skis in Blizzard’s Freeride/Powder line the Spur is more user friendly as it does not have any metal just lots of Carbon Fiber. Because of the Carbon the ski is very damp and predictable. Not a great choice for groomers but it will ski them no problem when you need to ski trails to get back to the lift. These are so light they will not wear you out at the end of the day. They make them in one length only and that is a 189cm.