2010 Selling Out Quickly

In talking with many ski manufacturers they are now very thin on product. Most of the warehouses are empty and they are almost ready to take orders for the 2011 product shortly. The deals this Spring will not be as deep as last year as the market is just not flooded with the same amount of product that it has been in the mast. Popular models such as the Volkl Mantra, new Volkl Gotama, Prophet 100, and Line EP Pro are just some of the few that are very limited in numbers right now so if you need a key size then you will not want to wait long to get yours before you have to spend even more money on next years models. Also, beware as many shops are going out of business and selling product with out the proper bindings ie: system skis need to be bought with the system binding, otherwise you will buy a ski that you can not find a binding for unless you buy another ski and binding which will give you two pairs of skis and one pair of bindings to use. There has been a lot of frustrated eBay/Liquidation Sale buyers that thought they got an excellent deal but really just made off with something they can not use.

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