First run on the new boards, Rossignol S7

So I picked up a pair of the Rossignol S7, which is the Will Barras piece in the seven artistic sins line up, and took them out for a few laps the other day. As I was riding the lift I was thinking to myself it might be a good idea to take an easy run and see how they feel before I really let em rip, especially considering I had’t skied a fresh set of edges in who knows how long. I picked the steepest line I could find and scrapped the take it easy idea. I aired blindly over a knoll and once I was at a heart rate raising height off the ground I realized there was nothing but deep hot doggin’ bumps to land in. At 188 in length and some serious beef under foot I wasn’t expecting these skis to be all that quick. They claim it has something to do with the taper in the tail, I think its just magic, because those things moved like lightning and I rode out with a serious shot of adrenaline. I’ve had a little time to ski them in the trees as well, and they have been much easier than expected to maneuver around the tight spots. The slight bit of camber underfoot allows the ski to perform well on the hard pack and groomed stuff, and I had no problem letting them go fast. If you haven’t really dipped into the rockered stuff yet, this is a great ski to do it. More of a directional ski, but still twin tipped, the S7 rips. If you’re debating on sizes, go bigger, they ski smaller.

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