2011 Salomon STH 14 Driver Ski Bindings

For the 2011 Season Salomon has reintroduced the Salomon STH 14 Binding with a Driver toe piece. You can still get the STH 14 with the Z toe if you want to save some weight but if you really enjoy the older style driver toe then you should get the STH 14 Driver ski bindings. There are mixed reviews on thsi and personally I enjoy the new Z toe and the automatic adjustment wings, but there are the die hards that just enjoy the driver toe and if that is what they want they can get it for the 2011 ski season.

Also, like with all bindings some people just have issues with a certain style of binding for their skiing or ability, for me it was always the Marker Bindings up until the new Griffon and Jesters came out. I had many friends that had issues with the original Salomon 912’s however I did not. Same goes for the Z Binding, however I have found a much better rate of success with the new Z concept binding then I did with the driver toe unless I was using the 916.

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  1. It’s not a matter of enjoyment. It’s a matter of pre-releasing. The Z style toe is notorious for releasing the boot during aggressive skiing. Adjusting Din and forward pressure proved ineffective, and my boots were brand new at the time. The argument isn’t old vs. new, function is what really matters.

  2. Whether or not you should go for the extra weight and security of the driver toe piece depends on your ability. If you weigh less than 11 stone and ski less than a 180 ski, you don’t really need the driver, unless you are taking 40 degree bowls at full tilt.

    If you weigh over 11 stone, ski on bigger than 180, or just want a totally bomb proof toe piece, then the driver series is for you. Get some Locktite threadlock, back the wing screw right off, squeeze a few drops in the hole, then tighten the screw to your boot sole plate.

    If you want the French to respect you, then seek out the red racing editions of the 914 or 916 then retro fit a wide brake 😉

  3. Many in the US use 916’s and 920 race bindings already and furtunately for us we no longer even have to retro brakes as we have 130mm brakes for them. It only takes 2 seconds anyway to retro your B style to fit and R Style heel.

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