2011 Volkl Bridge Skis

With the Volkl Bridge getting a little long in the tooth Volkl decided to just scrap the old mold and go all new and new they did. Now with an all new 95mm waist and a step down sidewall not only is the 2011 Volkl Bridge more versatile than the 2010 version but it also is more durable. The step down sidewall really helps keep the ski from chipping as badly as older versions. Besides these important changes Volkl made a big move and put ELP Rocker which gives the ski not only more versatility in powder and soft snow but also make sit more versatile when skiing the woods and sides of the trails when you don’t always want to be on the edge. If you are looking for a mid fat ski for East or West Coast the 2011 Volkl Bridge Skis should be a top choice as your one ski quiver ski. Volkl did not anticipate the popularity of their skis for the 2011 skis and many models have already sold out for the year so there will not be any pro form or reorder left for shops later in the fall when they run out of what they have in stock. Don’t wait and be left out.

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