2012 Armada AK JJ 195cm Skis Review

You have been asking for it an Armada has delivered!! The 2012 Armada AK JJ was one of my favorite skis that I have ever in my life had the privilege to not only test but now own!! The 195cm AK JJ is 5mm’s wider than the regular JJ and it is also stiffer making this ski that much more versatile. With an 18m turn radius in a 195cm length the Armada AK JJ will leave trenches on whatever terrain gets in its way. If you are looking for a big ski that is nimble look no further than the 195cm AK JJ Skis. Made for big mountain skiing the AK JJ may look like a lot of ski to handle but if you are an expert skier this ski will quickly become one of you all time favorite skis. Stable a mach speeds and nimble enough to take in tight trees in the East Coast. I am 5’6″ and weigh 185lbs there is no reason that I would ski this ski in a shorter length than the 195cm length. With tip an tail rocker it feels like you are on a 150cm length ski. You want the feelings that the pros get then time to man up and buy the 195cm AK JJ Skis.

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  1. Totally agree with you, have a pair on order and can’t wait for delivery.

    I am taller and a little heavier than you and I suspect if they ever bring out a 205 version , I will be in the qeue to own a pair,

    Bring them on!!!

  2. Great review, good job Adam,

    AK’s Seems to be a disposable ski tho.
    My FIS GS/SG have 20% more edges thickness and width tho! Also for my moships within a dozen of stone grinding..

    Armada told me about weight issues, obviously.
    Fair enought for the JJ’s at 1.7, but the Ak should have been done like an industrial tool at 2.5.

    I hope that I’m wrong tho! Anybody that own’s JJs or Aks, plz feel free to let me know it!

    How’s yours doing?

    I considered a lot what you told me about the Line MPO, looking forward to ride’em in 190+ lenght.

    (can’t beleive that I wrote than a ‘made in china’ ski looks bulkier than an Austrian one)


  3. Thanks! I thought the same thing about the edge being only 1.7mm and not 2.5 Impact edge like on their freestyle skis. I did log a good amount of days on these last spring and took 2 good shots right to the edge and I never had an issue at all with the edge pulling out. They do make extra deep anchors on the 1.7mm. In their defense I personally saw over 75 of the JJ 185cm ship out last year and not one came back for warranty, not even for edge damage. I had a friend that is hard on equipment and he had about 100 days on his regular JJ’s and never had any issues even with all the edge impact that he encountered. He is 6’4″ and 250lbs too so he was excited to see a 195cm in this ski.

    Mine are in excellent shape and trust me I was just as worried when I came down edge to rock and thought for sure I had done something to the edge, in looking at it after I was able to take the burrs out with a diamond stone right on the hill.

    It is amazing where the quality of the skis are coming from now… Who would have ever thought!! Even most of the China made skis are better than the German made skis as well and just 5 years ago people would have laughed at you for making that comment. The Line MPO is going to be a super legit ski especially if they can get that 192cm length produce for next year.

  4. They are more comparable to the Line Mr. Pollard Opus than the Bacon. The TST is much more like the Bacon. I really enjoy the 195cm AK JJ and find them extremely versatile even on groomed terrain. Depending on where you ski the Bacon may be a more versatile ski especially if you get a lot of bumps, but the AK JJ will turn in tight areas easily.

  5. Thanks for your thoughts. I ski mainly Europe in Jan/Feb/Mar and it’s impossible to find a stockist for a demo, and by that time the SFB, MPO, Bent Chetlers and AK JJs tend to be sold out. Hence why I really value and appreciate sites like yours.

    I’m 5’11, 176lbs and being in my late thirties ski with mainly ex instructors/guides, ex seasonaires and ex athletes (and keep up just). I ski fast on virgin powder, easy chop and groomers; slow down on big tight icey bumps, slush, breakable crust, steeps and trees; no park/jibbing/switch to speak of, but very happy to do little drops (<10ft).

    Currently ski 2007 version of the 189 Seths (non rocker traditional camber 98mm waist), they've been a great all round ski that love charging but when skied slowly through trees/powder/slush/crust they really lack manoeuvrability (with my technique anyway).

    My new ski (SFB, MPO, AK JJ, Bent Chetlers) will be mounted with Barons/Dukes/Guardians for some sidecountry touring (to get more fresh) and I guess I'm really looking for a ski to be able to turn quickly in trees/couloirs but be reasonable at ripping down groomers/bumps/crud on the way back to the lift.

    Any more advice and pointers would be greatly appreciated. Having had my fingers burnt this year I will be pulling the trigger as soon as the 2013 stock hits the shelves.



    PS Thanks for taking the time to answer so many questions from complete strangers and please keep up the great work with the site.

  6. Bronco,
    Thanks for the kind words. I try to answering everything I can as quickly as I can to help people make informed decisions. As for the skis you are looking at it is hard to go wrong with any of them. I personally own the SFB, MPO, and the AK JJ and love them all. SFB I take out when I want a more playful ski that will do anything in any condition. The MPO is my favorite ski for My skiing style. It is playful yet can carve trenches on groomers and ski bumps with ease which is saying something for a ski that is 118mm in the waist. The rocker on the Line skis take no time at all to get use to and you will love them from powder days to fast groomer days. The AK JJ is a different animal and I love that ski because it is pure ridiculous, yet so fun to carve on groomers with its 18m turn radius at 120mm underfoot. The rocker on the AKJJ takes a little more getting use to as it is extreme both the tip and the tail. With the Line skis you float on top of the snow with ease and some people think it is almost to easy to ski in powder on those skis.

    The AK JJ which is somewhat similar to the BentChetler in that it is very quick in the trees like the others but does not flow as easily as the Line Skis when you get in bumped up and choppy conditions and that really has to do with the way Line redesigned of their rocker on the bacon and Opus. If you are going to be skiing deep snow most of the time then go towards the Opus, if you are going to be in a lot of variable conditions then go with the Bacon it is truly a one ski quiver ski. You really can not go wrong with any of the skis you are looking at it really just depends on the conditions you will be skiing. You will find all of these much quicker thanks to the rocker than the K2 Seth, which was a great ski in its day (still have my pair on the wall!).

  7. Adam
    Variable snow = Europe…Bacon it is then!
    BD Ascension Skins on order.
    Just a choice now between the Solly Guardian or the Duke that may come down to $$$ – great deals on last years Dukes.

  8. Bacon sounds perfect for where you are! I love both bindings you can not go wrong. Older Dukes found at a great price right now. Guardian will come in around $449 US. Both are great bindings. I look forward to skiing my new Salomon Guardian Bindings more next season. I do enjoy my Dukes as well!

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