2012 Icelantic Nomad All Mountain Skis Review

What can I say about the Icelantic Nomad other than it is one of the lightest skis on the market with its waist width of 105mm. If you are looking for something that is going to be versatile enough for some powder, all mountain skiing, and light enough to also do some touring with the 2012 Icelantic Nomad Skis are the skis that you should be considering. They are light but fairly stiff so they have excellent edge hold at high speed on groomers and if you are lighter weight and dont want something so stiff then you can also buy the ski in a SFT version. Icelantic is known for making versatile skis and they really pride themselves on the Icelantic Nomad Skis. If you are a skier that enjoys a lightweight ski that will push crud around and arc trenches on groomers then consider purchasing the Icelantic Nomad Skis.

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