2013 Line Mr. Pollard Opus Skis Review

A review of the 2012 skis is already available if you scroll down through my posts. However, there has been one important change for 2013 and that is the addition of the 192cm Mr. Pollard Opus. Other than a new graphic and a new size the ski stays the same. The Line Mr Pollard Opus has been one of the best-selling skis of 2012 and we expect 2013 to be even better! A few select dealers still have the 2012 Mr. Pollard Opus skis so be sure to get yours today, unless of course you are looking for a 192cm length Mr. Pollard Opus then you will have to wait until the 2013 skis are out! Still one of my favorite skis you can not go wrong, unless you go to short.

2013 Line Mr. Pollard Opus Video

Here is the review of the 2012 Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus Skis which are the same for 2013, but now with the additional length of a 192cm length!!


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  1. I was hoping to wait and get a pair of the 2012 MPO’s on sale… But after seeing the 2013, I think ill wait and get them!

  2. Hi Adam,
    I’m glad I found this site.. great reviews. I’m in NY, but ski only out West, and heading for UT for the first trip of the season at the end of the month.

    Right now I have a pair of Surface Live Live 181s which are my ‘deep powder’ ski, and a pair of 4 year old Mantra 170s (non-rockered), which I use for my ‘one-quiver’.

    I want to retire the Mantras. I’m looking at the SFB and the Opus, as well as the Faction Zero.

    Thoughts? I’m 5’7″ and aboug 145. I spend most of my time off the groomed.

    The 181 of the Surface definitely ski ‘shorter’, so I’m also thinking that the 18x length is better for me than 170-something.

    Advice appreciated!


  3. Eric,
    Not sure where you would find a 2012 MPO on sale unless getting a 178cm length. Everyone is sol dout of the 185cm, but I have to agree with you on the 2013 graphic I am loving the black with the red trees coming right out of the ski. I will have some video up soon as well is my plan. I can not wait until the 192cm is in stock either those are going to be so much fun!!

  4. Hi Peter,
    Thanks for the kind words. If you are looking for a ski to retire your Mantra’s and you already have the Love Life for powder then go with the SFB in the 184cm length. This was by far one of our favorite one ski quiver skis. I actually skied the 2013 Line Skis on Friday and although there were no changes besides graphics on the skis it reminded me how much I loved the SFB Skis. I thought I was on the 178cm length when I was testing and at the end of the day when we were putting the skis away I noticed they were actually the 184cm length. No reason to go any shorter than the 184cm length if you like a playful ski that is going to take you anywhere on the mountain. Even at your height and weight you will have no problem with the 184cm length. The energy you will find in the Line that you just do not have with the mantra you will love. The rocker on the SFB is perfect for when you do get on groomers you can still go fast with out the chatter. In the trees and bumps they are amazing and just want to play all day long! We had fair snow at best but the skis made the snow feel epic because of how nimble they were in the trees and bumps. Opus is a great choice too, but if you are looking for more of a quiver replacement ski the Bacon sounds like a better fit for you at this time.

    Hope this was helpful.


  5. Yeah I was thinking the 178, but after your review and the blister gear review of the 2013 I think im going to go with the 185. Im 5’8″ 165lbs and ive never skied anything that long… But from what im reading I dont think ill have any problem with them. I just dont want to feel like the ski is too long for me. I have the 173 line blends with NO early rise. Do you think the 185 opus would be a big step up from those? Cause I really like the length those feel to me. but again those are full length camber with no earlyrise. And when im in the pow would the 185 be too long?

  6. You can easily do either length but if you are aggressive go for the 185cm all the way. They measure short and ski short and they ski totally different from the Blend since they have both early rise and early taper. If you are skiing tight and find yourself not an expert skier then you can go with the 178cm length but if you are expert and going to be using these more for powder go with the 185cm length. Just depends on your skiing style.

  7. Hi Adam
    Appreciating all the effort you put in to the website and responding to comments, it’s such a helpful resource. Hoping you might be able to help.

    I’m 6’4″ 200lbs, probably be closer to 215lbs when I’m back on the slopes. I’m coming of a pair of 186cm Head Mojo 90s-my first ski’s when I knew spent a season in Whistler. I have no trouble going anywhere on piste at high speed on these, which is a lot of fun. But in the soft stuff I feel a have to sit way back and have little control which is just not fun, so I don’t ski as much soft snow as I’d like to. Hard work in the trees too. I’m looking for a ski that will allow me to develop my skiing in soft snow, bowls, trees but be fast and aggressive on groomers and to play on the features on and around the side of runs when I’m skiing with slower friends. I’d like to be able to occasionally jib and ski switch. Asking a lot I know, but versatility is key.

    With that in mind, I really like the sound of the SFB, but I’m not sure if the 184 will have enough to float or stable be enough at high speed on groomers. If there was a 192 I think it would be my ski. I’m also considering the Opus which I’ve found the 185 on sale for about $450 which is really tempting. But again I’m wondering if I’d be better off waiting for the new 192cm for extra stability. I haven’t seen much from people of my size on these skis, so any advice on these (or any others I might consider) would be greatly appreciated.

  8. Hello Alex,
    At your size there is no question you should wait for the 192cm length. I am about 5’7″ weigh about 190lbs and ski the 192cm as my every day ski. The 185cm I like in super tight areas but at your size you would not notice the length at all. I do wish the SFB came in the 192cm length as well since that would be an awesome setup for you as well, but honestly the Opus is where you want to be.

  9. Hi Adam
    Really found your comments and advice to be very useful. I have traditionally skied narrow carving skis, but over the last year or two have discovered the joys of fat skis. I’m looking for a wide ski that I can use all over the mountain. Some ski trips I spend 7 days on groomers if there is no new snow, otherwise I move from groomers to the side of runs to any new snow I can find. I skied the 2013 SFB this week (I live in Australia) and found them to be fun, but at 6’1″ and 190lbs I found the SFB 178 demos to be WAY too short. I’m not even sure the 184cm SFB will be long enough for me. Would you recommend I look at the 2013 Opus for a one ski quiver, and should I go 184 or 192? I’m an aggressive skier and like to ski groomers fast and on the rails, but I’m a little less aggressive in the soft snow.

  10. Hey Adam,

    Many thanks for very valuable info on your blog. I just picked up a pair of Opuses in 192. Funny though that they are exactly the same size as 189 Kung Fujas I have šŸ˜‰

    I got MPO mounted at mid sole, KF is traditional. Can’t wait to test them out šŸ˜‰


  11. Hi Martin,
    You will certainly enjoy the 192cm length MPO!! I am excited to get back out on mine. KF is actually longer than 189cm and MPO is shorter thant 192cm lol…. Changes ever year. You are going to have a blast this winter šŸ™‚

  12. Hi Adam,
    I’m very close to choosing these as my 2013 all-mountain fat ski. If I buy these, they would be what I ride every day I ski, from hardpack/groomers to deep pow days. I would consider myself an advanced skier.

    Currently I’m 14 yrs old, 5’8″, and 140 lbs. I’m still undecided on whether to go for the 178 or 185 Opus.

    I ski every type of condition and in all types of terrain except for long, open runs. Here at Wolf Creek I particularly enjoy skiing trees and steep/tight and narrow chutes. We do get a good amount of lightish snow here, (about 465 inches annually,) but I find myself in packed powder/heavily tracked chop regularly.

    My first question is if the Opus would be a good choice for the skiing here, and if it isn’t then what ski would be? Also, if the Opus is a good choice then what size would I do best on (178 vs 185?)

    This review was very influential in my decision to get the Opus, so thank you!


  13. Thanks Ian,
    I think I answered your question below as regards to length but if you have more questions on that please let me know. The Opus will ski everywhere. It will excel in fresh snow and the trees but it also skis very well on groomers and in the bumps. I had some of my best bump runs with the Opus last year.

  14. I have skied JJs over the past three years (175 cm which admittedly are short). They are less than ideal in the heavy crud and hardpack. Like the JJs, the Opus seems to excel in the trees, the pow, and soft groomers. Other reviewers suggest that in the heavy crud, the Opus gets knocked around badly, and in the hardpack, they are near worthless. Similar perhaps to the JJs. Any comments?

  15. Not sure what other reviewers were skiing or where they were skiing. Sometimes, not always, when reviewers get on skis that are wider than 100mm and they are not eastern skiers they have trouble skiing on groomed slopes… I can tell you I have been on the ski over 40 days and they ski awesome on groomers and with a 17m turn radius there is no issue carving trenches. As far as getting knocked around in heavy crud that gain comes down to the ski/skier combination. You could get a big heavy plank of a ski that will plow through crud, but then after 2 runs your legs are dead, or if you get on something like the Opus which is a more playful ski it wants to stay on top of the crud instead of plowing though it. Skiing the Opus in Spring corn/crud was some of my favorite days out as it loved playing in the bumped up piles of snow and turns so quickly anywhere on the mountain. The Opus has a lot more contact with the snow than the JJ does and with the lower profile tip and tail it planes across the snow instead of plowing into the snow.

  16. Adam,
    Greetings from the PNW. I am interested in stepping up to a rockered ski for my everday ride. I have been on Line products for a long time. I am 6’2 and 180lbs. 30 days on snow a season at Stevens Pass. I am on some 186 Prophet 100s now and wondering if I should move to the 192 on the MPO due to the rocker?

  17. Hey Adam, thanks for all the posts on your blog. It finally started snowing and I managed to do some turns on my 192 Opuses. I did a bit of an early season backcountry trip on Saturday, skis were great in fresh snow even though there was not so much snow out there. I also tested groomers on Sunday. Here is a short video I made: https://vimeo.com/55216009
    Enjoy! šŸ™‚

  18. Hello Adam,

    Thank you for your reviews. I hope you can help me with my questions.

    Iā€™m 177cm and 82 kg. I mostly ski in Austria and Switzerland and Iā€™m looking for a new pair of skis that I can use all over the mountain and every day. I ski every type of condition (hardpack/groomers, pow, ā€¦) and in all types of terrain (piste, trees, couloirs, open runs). Sometimes the runs are heavily tracked or wind packed.

    I would consider myself an advanced skier at a medium speed, sometimes high speed. Now and then I ski switch. Binding would be a Marker Duke or Atomic Tracker.

    Iā€™m a little bit confused whether I should get the Line Opus, K2 SideSeth or K2 Pettitor.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  19. Hi Adam-
    I’m trying to decide between the 185 and 192. I am 5’11 and 165lbs. I ski primarily in the BC, so with a pack, I’m probably 25+ lbs heavier. I don’t typically ski “big mountain AK lines”, but prefer technical lines: trees, chutes, pillows, etc. Im looking for a powder specific ski to add to my quiver to replace a pair of Liberty Double Helix in 182. I ski anything between 177 and 188, but these skis don’t have the rocker that the MPO have. Also, I’ve heard that the MPO actually measure short- true?

    Also, what do you think about mounting Dynafit TLT FT 12s on these skis?


  20. I am going to be picking up a pair of Opus’s this year. I ski up at Stevens Pass and am 6’2 and 180lbs. I am in the expert bucket but was late to the rocker game. I have been on Prophet 100s since they were Mothership Ti’s and loved them. The last two pairs were 186s which I thought were a good allround size and a great all-mountain chassis. When looking at the Opus, should I be in the 185 or the 192? I am leaning towards the 192 since the rocker shortens up the effective edge making them about the same size-ish as my 186s today. The only thing that worries me is that Stevens is all about the trees. Will I be wanting the 185 to stay nimble?

  21. Hi. I’m in the same boat with the length issue. I desperately want to pick up the Opus but can’t decide between 185 and 192. I’m about 5’11.5″, 175-180lbs, advanced to expert skier. I ski in western Canada. I love to shred everything but my main terrain is in the trees. I LOVE skiing trees. Will the 192’s be too long for tree skiing? Please help me decide!!!!!! Thanks.

  22. Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but yes you were correc tin thinking that the 192cm would be the best length for you in the Opus.

  23. I am 5’6″ or so and about 185lbs and I ski the 192cm Opus, the only place it can be tough to ski is super tight Eastern trees. if your tree lines are super tight go with the 185cm but if they are more open then no question go with the 192cm length it is an amazingly easy ski to use.

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