2013 Icelantic Keeper Skis Review

Skis: 2013 Icelantic Keeper Skis

Size: 189cm

Dimensions: 150-119-136

Turn Radius: 18m

Weight: 10.3lbs

Rocker: Yes (Tip/Tail)

The 2013 Icelantic Keeper Skis are back for 2013 and are coming with a brand new stone grind and finish from Icelantic. The Icelantic Keeper Skis were thought to be a powder ski when they came out since they are 119mm in the waist but after skiing on them I can tell you that these skis are much more than most powder skis could ever dream of being. With a very quick turn radius and amazing edge grip even on groomers the Icelantic Keeper Skis are an eye opener for most expert skiers. With a fairly stiff flex and early rise tip/tail and traditional camber, the Icelantic Keeper skis will ski all conditions and terrain. If you are looking for something a little more forgiving for skiing bumped up terrain then you may want to consider the Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus. Overall this was an excellent ski and one that you will find yourself enjoying these in more conditions than you previously thought possible. With the early rise tip and tail you will also see these skis will actually be extremely quick turning in the trees. Don’t sell yourself short with this ski. The 189cm certainly seems like it would be a lot of ski but after skiing it in tight terrain I would have no problem using this as my choice length. If you don;t like longer skis the great thing about the Icelantic Keeper is that you can ski it in shorter lengths, but please don;t sell yourself to short or you will regret it.

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  1. Adam,

    Thanks for the review and insights!

    I am seriously thinking about getting a pair of the Keeper. Only concern is the ski length. I am 6’0″ and very much leaning towards the 189, however I have read that Icelantic skis “are meant to ski short”. Even Icelantic indicates this in thier FAQ section on their site (size chart).

    Should I be concerned and go for 178, or just go ahead with the 189? Thoughts?

    Appreciate your help!

    / Thomas

  2. The Keeper is the one ski in the Icelantic line that we suggest you can ski longer. Just about all of their skis are designed to be skied short but the Keeper and its design makes the ski seem shorter than it is. If you weigh over 190lbs then I would suggest the 189cm. If you are under that or not overly aggressive then you certainly can go with the 178cm length and it will be easier for you to control. Personally I enjoy a longer ski that is why I go with the 189cm length but it is also personal preference. I could certainly see going down in size if I weighed under 180lbs.

  3. Hi Adam,
    Thanks for the review! I’m 5′ 1″ and 112 lb and an ski ex-racer. I currently ski on a pair of 175 cm armada jjs and a pair of 169 cm armada norwalks w/ dynafits for touring. I love the playfulness and surfy feel of the jjs but find them a bit squirrely at high speeds. They also don’t hold up as well other skis I’ve tried in heavier snow and crud. My husband loves his 178 keepers which he has mounted tele and highly recommends them. I am looking for a ski that slays the pow but is still playful. Any recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks

  4. Hello,
    The Keeper is an excellent ski but I would not consider it a playful ski and at 112lbs you may find them stiffer than you want. The JJ in all the lengths but the 195AK can certainly feel squirrely as they are pretty soft. If you like that feel but want something a little stiffer you may want to look at the Head Cyclic 115, its not as light as the JJ but the performance of the ski is amazing. Many of my friends and I have all gone to this ski for our do everything ski. Some other options would be the Liberty Origin and older Line Pandora.

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