2013 K2 Pettitor Skis Review

Ski: Sean Pettit Pro Model called K2 Pettitor Skis

Length: 179cm

Rocker: Powder Rocker

Dimensions: 147-120-141

Turn Radius 22m

Binding Used: Marker Griffon

K2 changed up their Factory skis for the 2013 season. There is no longer a Seth ski in the Factory line up of skis, instead Sean Pettit has received the promotion to having his own Pro Model Skis that he likes to call the 2013 K2 The Pettitor. Sean has been one of the most fluid skiers in the world since his young days as a pro. Now with the ski like the Pettitor for him to charge on it will be interesting to see where he takes the sport.

First thing you will notice about the 2013 K2 Pettitor skis is the rocker vs. camber is much more different from anything that Seth did on his skis. The camber on the Pettitor is the stiffest in the K2 Factory Team line up and what you will also find of note is that it was directly under the boot where it was the stiffest. Along with the camber the K2 Pettitor has moved the contact points closer together making for a more playful big mountain ski. If you enjoyed the Obsethed skis but wanted something that was quicker turning and had better edge hold and stability at speed on groomers then the K2 Pettitor is the ski you want. This ski was hard charging like a big mountain ski and would leave trenches on the groomers. When skiing it in softer snow it was like a dream, I would call it the most playful of the Big Mountain skis and would go as far to say that it was my second favorite ski to that of the Line Mr. Pollard Opus Skis. If you plan on skiing big mountain lines with large cliff drops then you would probably prefer the K2 Pettitor Ski, but if you wanted a one ski quiver ski in the 120mm waisted area then the Line opus is still my top choice. The K2 Pettitor is built for high-speed stability and big cliff bands and for many they are going to find this the answer they are looking for. K2 had a long run with the Obsethed Skis, but they had run their course and it was time for something that had more of a playful side along with a backbone for skiing big mountain lines along with skiing the resort. They have an A+ with the addition of the K2 Pettitor for 2013 and it is backed by not only Sean Pettit but Pep Fujas has also been seen skiing big mountain lines with the new K2 Pettitor Skis and he has been loving them! This is a top vote getter for 2013 so pick up a pair with confidence!

5 Replies to “2013 K2 Pettitor Skis Review”

  1. Very informative review (as always). I’m very interested in hearing about your mounting point recommendations if you could elaborate. Thanks for taking the time.

  2. Love an update on the new 14/15 Pettitors: anyone know if it’s the same or different?
    Am deciding between the 179 and 189. Have demoed the 179 mounted at 0, but it felt a bit short.
    So Where are people mounting these two lengths?

  3. The 2015 has been updated again to have a new tip rocker design. Makes the ski turn a little quicker in powder. This is the best one they have built yet. They will ski anything. It is a totally different ski from the 2013 version. As for length how big are you? You should not be skiing this ski at 0 ever. +3cm at least really should be more like +4cm even if you were suing for all mountain skiing I am sure the tail felt short at 0.

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