2013 Volkl Kuro Ski Review


Ski: 2013 Volkl Kuro

Size: 185cm

Dimensions: 164-132-139

Powered by Titanium

For 2013 the Volkl Kuro receives Titanium Power/Tough Box Construction meaning that the soft forgiving Kuro of the past is no longer. The all new Kuro is stiff and powerful and is now a true big mountain ski that can handle the biggest and steepest mountains that AK and BC have to offer. There are a few shops that still have the older Kuro and if you want a more forgiving powder ski that is an amazing choice and one that I ave enjoyed trying every year. For testing this spring I had a chance to get on the new Kuro and what a ski it is. The older Kuro was like a couch, super comfy and no effort at all in any condition except at higher speed. The new 2013 Kuro wants to go fast and boy is it ever stable. It will handle any speed on any kind of condition and it will still arc turns on groomers no problem at all. The one area where the new Kuro is a lot of work is in the bumps and tight chutes. If you are straight-lining areas this ski will be perfect thanks to the ELP Rocker and Titanium Construction. If you are going to be in areas that have a good amount of bumps you may want to consider the older Kuro or another ski that will be lighter and more forgiving.


The 2013 Volkl Kuro is a totally different ski from the past.

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