2014 Head Cyclic 115 and Tyrolia AAAttack 13 Freeride Skis Review

2014 Head Cyclic 115 Skis

Length Tested: 181cm

Turn Radius: 19m

Dimensions: 148-113-131

Sandwich Cap Construction

Binding: AAAttack 13

Video: http://youtu.be/Cgr9QAITMXQ

It has been a while since i have written a review about any Head freeride skis and that has mostly been up until now there just have not been any worth spending the time to write about, until now!! The Head Cyclic 115 skis is a game changer for Head skis in 2014. Never have they had a freeride ski that was as playful and fun as this ski. I know what you are thinking Head builds heavy skis that are designed for speed. The all new Freeski line from Head is totally different, they have redesigned everything from the construction, rocker,shape, and top sheet. The most impressive thing about the Head Cyclic is how easy it skis everything from tight trees and bumps to carving trenches on on the groomers. Because of the all new tip and tail shape this ski easily makes a variety of turn shapes with ease. If you want a ski that is versatile and lightweight then look no further than the Head Cyclic 115. You may give up a little at the top end speed but the versatility you get in everything else is a dream. Do yourself a favor and get on a pair of these skis and try them for yourself.


Tyrolia AAAtack 13 Bindings:

DIN: 4-13

Another top notch product for Tyrolia/Head this year is the all new AAAttack 13 Binding. With a very similar design to that of the Marker Griffon the AAAttack 13 comes in with a lower Stand Height and also a cheaper price. I would high recommend both the AAAttack 13 and 16 for aggressive skiers. One huge difference you will see from the marker binding is the ease that you can step into the Tyrolia Heel especially in deep snow. The Griffon has always been an issue for lighter weight skiers to step into and with the Tyrolia Binding you will find not only a binding that is lighter and easier to step into, but one that will also be trustworthy from the park to dropping cliffs.


2 Replies to “2014 Head Cyclic 115 and Tyrolia AAAttack 13 Freeride Skis Review”

  1. This is a bit off-topic but have you had the opportunity to test out the new Adrenalin 13? I have the first-gen Andrenalin 16s on my Line MPO and love them! Though a lighter version does sound appealing for me at 160 lbs – despite being advanced/expert, din of 13 is more than enough. I’m thinking about going with the Adrenalin 13 over the Attack 13 on a new pair of 178 Bacons, just to add short-range uphill to their bag of tricks.

    Given that, here are my questions:
    (1) Can I expect the same or similar downhill performance out of the Adrenalin 13 at my weight?
    (2) Any recommendations for skins for Line MPO and SFB? Should I just get off the rack G3s and trim them?

  2. I actually own both a 13 and 16 in the Adrenalin. They are both excellent bindings and at your weight the 13 would be more than enough. For next year I am actually mounting an Adrenalin onto a pair of Cyclic 115’s for short to medium range tours. The Adrenalin and Attack 13 will ski very close to the same so you don’t have to worry about losing downhill performance. As for skins you should look at the BD GlideLight Mix, the G3’s are great and so is the new Atomic AM Rocker Skin.

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