2015 Line Magnum Opus Ski Review


Skis: 2015 Line Magnum Opus

Size 188cm

Dimensions: 148-124-146

Turn Radius: 17m @ 188cm

Mounting: -2cm from Center (Eric’s Choice)

Bindings: Tyrolia Attack 13

Weight w/Bindings: 12.75lbs Pair

Weight Skis Alone: 8.5lbs


One of the most excited skis I wanted to get on this year was the brand new 2015 Line Magnum Opus Skis. Eric designed these skis as a ski for him to take out when he was looking for more float than the Pollard’s Opus. With a Longer Active Edge, wider waist width, and new Cloud Core Technology, not only is the new Magnum Opus bigger than the Mr. Pollard’s Opus but it is also lighter by about 1200g!! Eric accomplished just what he wanted in a ski with more float but still with all-mountain versatility. The Magnum Opus is perfect if you are looking for a fat touring ski but do not want to have all that weight going up hill.

I was able to test these skis in almost every condition imaginable. The deepest I got them in was 2 feet of snow and to be honest almost any ski over 100mm in the waist is going to be amazing in 2 feet of snow. One of the differences in the Magnum vs Pollard’s Opus is that the Magnum has a lot more carbon stringers in the (Magnum) ski making it very damp and full of energy at the same time. The Magnum pounded through busted up crud and bumps and kept looking for more. I originally felt a little issue with the tip being to catchy when I go into bumps, however after a quick detune with a diamond stone to the tip and tail the skis hooked up when they were supposed to and were much more playful.

With the Cloud Core you can ski them all day and your legs don’t get nearly as tired!! With the playfulness and lightness of the ski mixed with the dampness and energy of the carbon I could really see the Magnum Opus making an excellent Big Mountain ski for Jackson Hole, Mammoth, Vail, Snow Bird, Powder Mountain, Whistler, and other big mountain terrain such as those. Not skiing big mountain, don’t worry the Magnum Opus skis will ski any mountain. Even at 188cm I was surprised at how nimble they were in trees and bumped up trees. Much of this has to do with the weigh of the skis and the fact you are mounted 2cm’s behind center so the swing weight on them is quick.

When it came to skiing groomers they leave some of the most beautiful trenches you will ever see from a 124mm waisted ski. They had excellent grip and loved speed. For being so light it was truly amazing how the ski at high speed never cared at all. You could really turn up your turn shape easily too even at speed. I normally really round out my turns across the hill, but found with the Magnum Opus that not only could you do that but they would also release you out of the turn early so you could make more GS/Fall Line turns and just follow the terrain. No chatter ever with the Magnum Opus and at 5’7″ and 190lbs I would not want this ski to come in any shorter length of ski.


As for Mounting Point. If you are an Old School skier and do not like skis mounted toward center you can get them mounted at what I am calling the Old School mark, but honestly they ski excellent where there are at the -2cm Eric’s Choice and this is where shops should be mounting them if they have any clue about how skis should be mounted with a design such as the Magnum Opus.

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  1. Adam, nice to see you back up and bloggin’. Given how much you love the original MPO, which do you think you’ll end up riding more days – the Magnum or regular Opus?

    Also, have you had an opportunity to get on any of Line’s Supernatural series for next season?

    I’m curious to see how the new 108 handles in comparison to the Bacons – especially higher speed and variable conditions. Blister praised the new 108 as both playful and stable, but think I might miss the centered stance and easy-goingness of the SFB, plus its nimbleness in bumps and trees. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts if and when you get to review the Supernatural.

    Height: 5’2” Weight: ~160lbs
    Current quiv:
    172cm bacon – considering moving up to 178 bacon or switching over to Supernatural 108
    178cm opus
    172cm influence 115 (2011-12 vintage)
    Primary stomping grounds: Aspen, Mammoth, Sugar Bowl

  2. Thanks for the wonderful comments. I do plan on reviewing more skis once I get a chance to do more writing. It has been a very busy season of selling skis and testing. I just got back from Jackson Hole as well and the mountains here are loaded with snow so trying to take full advantage before the heat comes in. Great question on the Magnum vs Opus. The Magnum is incredibly light so I will probably find myself taking those out more on deep snow days and on days that I will be doing some hiking to get fresh tracks as well. For groomer days and bumps I will probably still take out the Opus, Cyclic 115 and Bacon more than the Magnum Opus.

    As for the Supernatural I have the quiver in my car right now and will be taking them out all weekend so I will have a better feeling then. I agree with you though the 108 looks fun but it is not as light as the Bacon and will not turn nearly as quick either. I am thinking moving to the 178cm Bacon would be a batter choice as I too like the center stance on the Bacon. ’12 Influence 115 is one of our favorite wide skis with metal ever made. Even though we typically like skis mounted further forward the Influence 115 is just so easy to ski with the big tip and extended tip rocker. Hope to get to more reviews in May once I am done skiing. I plan on writing reviews for the new mantra, Supernatural’s, Soul 7, and hopefully a few others as well.

  3. Hey Adam!

    Great review! You’re really helping me decide on my next ski. Im going to be attending the University of Utah next year and I’m looking for a ski that i can ski deep pow at Snowbird, but also tour with in the Wasatch. Do you think this ski would be a good choice? And what touring binding do you think would go best with this? I’d probably lean more towards a non tech binding just because I’ll want to still ski a fare amount in the resort with this setup. Thanks a ton!


  4. Hi Tyler,
    The Supernatural 100 would be great for a one ski touring setup. As for binding I would suggest going with the Tyrolia Adrenalin or the Salomon Guardian/Atomic Tracker. These 2 bindings really were the best for doing it all and the thing I liked about them over the Marker is that you are lower to the ski and they just overall were stiffer and better for everyday skiing.

  5. Adam,

    I started as a park skier and have since converted to powder/backcountry. I am 5’8 160lb and ski at at aggressive intermediate level. I want a ski that I can play with on powder days, fly through trees, but can also ski groomers when needed. Do you think this ski would be a good purchase for me, or would I be better off with a more well rounded ski?

  6. Hi Brad,
    I don’t think the Magnum Opus is the right ski for you. I think it is going to be to stiff with all the Carbon they put in the skis. A better choice for what you are looking for and for your aggression level would be the Line Sir Francis Bacon, it is going to be more playful of a ski. If you are looking for wider you could also do the regular Mr Pollards Opus as well they will be more well rounded of a ski for you.

  7. Adam,

    Thank you for you input. I skied the Opus last year in Montana and had a great time on them. I will mostly be searching for tree skiiing and for terrain I can jump around on. Of all skis you have skied, what you recommend?


  8. Brad,
    There are a couple of skis I would suggest for you. The Bacon, Opus and Head Cyclic 115 are the 3 skis that come to mind for what you are looking for in a ski. The Cyclic 115 is one of the best do everything skis on the market.

  9. Adam,

    What are the advantages of the 184 over the 178 for the SFB. Are there major disadvantages to the shorter ski?


  10. Yes the 178cm is a 174cm that skis like a 160cm length ski is the main disadvantage. Unless you are 5’4″ and under 150lbs go with the 184cm length which measures short and skis short.

  11. Great review, thanks Adam!
    I’m stuck deciding between Pollards Opus and Magnum Opus for ski trip to Gulmarg, India next February and since I live 3000 km from the nearest ski field (Western Australia) its a bit tricky to compare. I normally ski in Japan.
    Currently own Line Chronics and Line Sir Francis Bacons (with Tyrolia Attacks on the Bacons). Love the Bacons in powder, but not so good for touring with Alpine bindings (boot pack it for now). Love the Chronics on the groomers, although find the Marker Jester Schizo bindings super heavy, may sell those and put on lighter bindings.
    So given my current quiver, what would you suggest for India, eventually Alaska too.
    My cousin skied/ boarded India last year. Anywhere up to neck deep powder on a good day, plus lots of ridgeline touring, to find new lines. Touring setup highly recommended he said. He rates it better than Canada! Although a little dangerous and rough accommodation wise.
    As usual though, snow conditions can vary greatly.
    I’m steering towards Magnum Opus, maybe even with new Marker Kingpin bindings, but will decide on bindings later this year once Marker has done some more fault finding/ consumer testing with them. The Dynafit Beast has no flat walk/ tour mode, a deciding factor for me, as lots of ridge top touring. Guardians or Adrenaline bindings a possibility, but the weight for travelling and touring not such an attractive quality.
    My question really is, do the Magnums perform well even in firmer snow conditions, like the Pollards Opus do, so I read?
    If they get the Marker Kingpins right, the Magnum Opus plus Kingpin setup will be awesome! I hope 🙂
    Cheers for your time and any advice you can give, even if its to steer me towards ideas I hadn’t considered.

  12. Hi James!

    Both the Opus and Magnum Opus are amazing skis. The Magnum is certainly geared more for what you are looking to do with them in touring. If you are going to find yourself with good snow more often than not go with the Magnum Opus. If conditions are questionable then go with the Opus they ski everything well just like the Bacon. As for the binding that is the hardest decision to make as the climbing is certainly much lighter with the Kinpin or any pin binding but the skiing itself is not the same with out an alpine binding. If you are doing mostly tours then it does certainly make sense to get a pin binding. Do you have any experience skiing a pin style binding?

    As for the Schizo save the weight and put something else on those skis!!

  13. Hi Adam,

    I am 6.3feet at 191lb an advance skieer, mountain i ski is not the biggest one but still at 9000feet 2600metter ain’t small.
    We get pow, loots of gromers, piste skiing, tight trees, jumping small clifs.

    I have skied mostly line skis – Opus, bacon, the fat 130 etc.

    The question for this year is:
    I want Opus at 192cm but i am afraid on the weight at 5kg per pair.
    I want magnum opus at 188cm which is 187 actual lenght and i am afraid it’s short, sometime we charge at high speed with 188 i am afraid wont allow me, also jumping clifs i have shorter tail in landings. Your thought.

    Also considering:
    MOMENT GOOVERNOR 196cm but i am afraid on the radius at 27m wont be as playfull and nimble with that length as line skis.

    MOMENT GHOST train at 194 but same thing long radius not much effective edge but they are playfull and they are good in low speed and high speed.

    I only wished Eric will push magnum opus at 192 this year. I think Eric was a bit slefish making magnum 188cm and not thinking about 6,3 and 4 skiers.

    Any thoughts wpuld be appreciated.

  14. Hello,
    Opus at 192cm is something I also ski and am 5’6″ and weight about 190lbs. I am not concerned with the weight at all because I am a strong enough skier. If I was touring with the ski that would be a different story and I would want something lighter for sure like the new Mordecai which will come in a 193cm length and is 114mm in the waste. The Magnum Opus is certainly much lighter than the regular 192cm Opus and about a difference of 3cms or about an inch.

    Eric is a very small man the fact he makes skis as long as he does is amazing. Most companies don’t give their designers free reign like Eric has. 188cm in a ski of that caliber is not cheap to make and most companies would have forced him to make it around 184cm to appease the size that most skiers would buy it in. His Bacon and now Mordecai both have sizes in the 190’s. The 188cm skis longer than a 190cm in the Bacon because of the tip and tail profile of the new Magnum Opus.

    Love the Moment Skis however I like them more for Big Mountain and big lines not so much when it comes to tighter trees and bumped up tree terrain. Moment skis are much more powerful than playful.

  15. Hi Adam,

    James here again.

    In relation to earlier question, I have another one regarding Magnum Opus.
    First off, my plans changed & I put off skiing Gulmarg another couple of seasons. Instead, I’ve booked to learn to Speed ride in France early next year!
    I gave my Line Chronics to my younger brother and kept 2014 Line Sir Francis Bacons which I love & will keep for resort and slack country fun.
    I’m still obsessed with idea of setting up Magnum Opus with Marker Kingpins for backcountry touring, Japanese powder and possibly speed riding.
    Speed riding is quite a quick sport, hence the name and requires skiing variable conditions at high speeds. Do you think the Line Magnum Opus skis handle speed well, given its width and weight? The Mordecai look and sounds fanatstic, but a few reviews mention they chatter at higher speeds?
    I’m aiming at being able to tour up hill and ski or speed ride downhill, even in places like Gulmarg.
    Trying to find that powder/ backcountry ski that will be fun and handle lots of conditions well. I may be better off looking at something else… Skilogik Skis or Rossignol 7 series?

    Thanks for your time and advice.

  16. Hi James!

    Man chatter tells me immediately that someone is not skiing a ski how it is supposed to… I can take a intermediate level ski and ski it at higher speeds than it should and get it to not chatter. Chatter hasn’t really been a thing for like 10+ years.. I skied the Modecai in Jackson Hole at top speeds with no issues at all. I love the Magnum Opus but for the versatility that you are looking for I am thinking that they better choice for you would be the Mordecai as you will be doing so much variable terrain. They are both incredibly light. Rossignol 7 series is not where you want to be looking for what you want. You gain in weight and lose versatility over the Mordecai. The Magnum Opus can handle speed but if you are skiing a lot of variable the Mordecai would be a better choice if you are looking for speed with touring and versatility on the way down. Jus tbe sure to ski the edges of the ski and not try and drive the tip which I think is where people are still getting hung up on this whole chatter thing, that or they are skiing them mounted to far back or skiing the tails and not staying center on the ski.

  17. Hi Adam,

    Thank you, I’m now sold on the Line Mordecai’s, for task at hand.
    Ill get Magnum Opus later if need be. I’m told by a ski tech, its easy enough to have multiple skis and one binding set with Kingpins, using metal inserts! Great news for me as will keep SFBs and take two sets away and use according to conditions 🙂

    One more question regarding recommended ski length, as cant find information elsewhere specific to Mordecais, which length?
    I’m 183 cm, 81 kgs.

    Following is a quote from Speed riding school founder regarding skis when I enquired: “The most important things is the size of the skis. Minimum taller than you !”

    Im 183 cm

    I’m planning on using Mordecai set up to tour backcountry, powder free ski, speed ride, plus tree ski deep Japanese powder. I’m inclined towards 186 for tighter tree turns, however thinking 193 cm better for speed riding and touring?
    Ill keep 184 cm SFBs, so maybe extra length a good extra addition? However, more than happy to jump at 186 cm if you think a good length for purposes described,
    Any input appreciated

    Cheers James

  18. Hi James!

    For what you are going to be doing with this ski it is hard to suggest anything else other than the 193cm length. You need all the stability you can get with using this as a Speed ride ski. 186cm would be better for tight trees but for everything else the 193cm turns very easily and plus you have your Bacon’s when you need a ski for tighter trees.


  19. Thank you Adam, for all your advice and help!

    I purchased 193 cm Line Mordecais today 🙂
    Ill throw a set of Marker Kingpin 13s on them.

    I can see myself purchasing a set of Magnum Opus as well, next season, in time for 2018 Japan trip 🙂

    It was suggested by a ski tech, they could install the metal screw inserts into both skis to accommodate swapping Kingpins between skis as desired. Sounds like a pretty good idea! Especially when travelling overseas.

    There’s something about the Magnum Opus that’s quite appealing when you watch videos of them skied in deep powder.
    Especially when you watch Leo Taillefer throw them around in this short film!


    I’m keeping the Bacons because I love them! Got to love bacon!

    Anyway, once again thanks for your helpful advice

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