2017 K2 Marksman Freeride Ski Review


Ski: K2 Marksman

Size: 177cm

Dimensions: 130-106-125

Turn Radius: 19m @ 177cm

Conditions: Variable at best

Fun Level: 5 Star Day

I was very interested in trying the K2 Marksman as I have always been quick to dislike a ski that seems gimmicky. However,  what that day turned into was one of the most fun I had had all winter on the lack luster East Coast “Winter”. Excellent company always helps as well! The skis were snappy and responsive and not what I was expecting out of a Pep Fujas designed ski at all. I had lots of different conditions to test the skis on and honestly I was very impressed at how playful yet grippy the Marksman is.  The Asymmetrical Tip and Tail really allow the ski to maintain a more solid and effective inside edge for even more stability and float.  the oversized taper on your outside edge makes for super easy butters and in deep snow they ski like a dream!

Truly a one ski quiver ski if you like energetic, quick turning, put  a smile on your face skis you couldn’t ask for better company, but if you find it enjoy it. Don’t forget to enjoy your love of winter, beer, and food with others!

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