Downtown Showdown Feb 14

Downtown Showdown

The first ever Downtown Showdown will be taking place this Saturday, Feb 14, at Monument Square in Portland Maine. The event will showcase 16 skiers and 16 riders that make up some of the East Coast’s best talent. Competitors will test their skills on a 3 rail staircase that has been custom built with a two-story in-run. The event is hosted by Sunday River and Sugarloaf with over $5,000 in cash prizes and should turn out to be one of the best freeskiing events on the East Coast this year. So, head on out to Monument Square this Saturday and check out the Downtown Showdown! I’ll be sitting at the Judges table, stop by and say hi! For all of you of age join the masses as we hit the Old Port after the event.


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  1. Just to add, we attended the Showdown and I must say, it was way more legit than anticipated. This event went off great, and red bull hooked it up with an after party. Definitely catch it next year if you missed it this time around!

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