2010 Ski Equipment Rumored To Be On Its Way!!

Rumor has it from a reliable online ski shop that K2 is about to release some of their 2010 K2 Skis to a few select online shops for summer sales. The important skis that will be released early are the K2 Hell Bent, Obsethed, Kung Fujas, and many other of the factory team skis including the all new EXT. With new technology coming out every year it will be fun when some of the other companies out there can catch up to what K2, Line and Armada are doing to progress not only the sport, but also the technology being used in skis. We have Eric Pollard to thank for much of what has happened in the rockered/wide ski movement of the past few years. How many people thought 5 years ago that you could be skiing a ski that was 110mm+ in the waist as an everyday East Coast Ski. Most shops 5 years ago even out West had never even seen a ski that was 110mm in the waist. It will be interesting to see where it goes, but for now lets just enjoy the ride as the skis being made today and tomorrow are the most fun and versatile that we have ever seen.

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