Spring Tune Up

So for those of you who have given up on skiing for the season and do not have any plans for taking trips to the Southern Hemisphere it is time to get the bike out and start riding. Just like you usually get your biked tuned in the spring to make sure everything is in good working order you should make sure to put your skis away so as to not damage them when being stored in places that take on moisture. The easiest way to store your skis for the summer is just by doing a simple base prep. All you have to do is to put a nice thin coat of Paraffin Wax onto the base. What this wax will do is prevent any moisture from getting into your ski during the humid summer months. The most important thing to remember though is that you will want to make sure to get all the wax out of the base in the fall before you have them tuned or if you do them yourself make sure to get all wax out of the base before you put any other wax into the base for the fall/winter conditions.

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