2010 Full Tilt Boots

I am sure there are a lot of you wondering what is the deal with the Full Tilt Boots. Full Tilt Boots bought out Raichle’s mold and researched using the existing mold with newer materials. The result is the first 3 piece boot ever made had been resurrected and the die hard Flexon users could now get a new boot after years of having to find parts to keep their old ones going. The new 2010 Full Tilt Ski Boots have found there way into a few select online shops and not a surprise the graphics will be some of the most interesting that you have ever seen, from a boot with a pin and skulls on it to one that looks like it belongs in Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on The Food Network. Don’t forget about the 2010 Hot Dogger Ski Boot which is completely red including the buckles. Seth Morrison refuses to ski on any other boot than the Full Tilt and if you have the calf and foot for one I would suggest that you get out and try a pair. The newer models are 2mm’s wider in the fore foot so for those of you who were always close you may find yourself a perfect fit in the new 2010 Full Tilt Model Boots. So search for ’10 Full Tilt Ski Boots and check them out for yourself.

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  1. The cable covers actually are designed to keep the cables from being put into the wrong slat which happens more often then you would think. It keeps the cables organized and makes for easier buckling. If they think they look goofy then like most things in life you can adjust for that. The cable covers are removable so if you do not like them you can just take them off and you have the exposed cables like on the previous models. Not every model is coming with cable covers either so you can always get one of the ones that does not have the cover. It had always been a huge complaint that people had problems buckling their boots so Full Tilt was doing their best to fix that problem while making it look stylish for some.

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