2009 K2 Pontoon, or is it a 2010???

More and more companies are starting to realize that certain skis need no change in construction or graphics from year to year. One such ski is the K2 Pontoon. It has stayed unchanged since it was released and again for 2010 it will remain the same except for one thing… price! That is right, for 2010 the K2 Pontoon will be selling for $699 so for those of you who have been checking out the K2 Pontoon and have found it on sale, you may want to pull the trigger on it now as in the next month or so most places will change that sale price of the ’09 ski to the new¬†Minimum Advertised Price of $699 and all the inventory will change over to 2010. Prices are going up on most product for the 2010 season so be sure to buy this summer to get the best selection of discounted product.¬†2010 K2 Pontoon is a ski created by the great and late Shane McConkey RIP!!

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