2009 vs. 2010 K2 Obsethed Skis + Mounting Points

The 2010 K2 Obsethed Skis are out on the market right now and many are wondering what has changed from the 2009 version. K2 only changed the graphic on the 2010 K2 Obsethed Skis. If you like the 2010 graphic you are not alone as there has been a lot of positive feedback on the new look, however if you want to save a couple of hundred dollars then the best thing to do is search around for the 2009 version and I am sure you can find a great ski and binding package. If you are looking for a freeride ski or even a one ski quiver so the 2009 or 2010 K2 Obsethed Skis both would make a great choice thanks to a rockered tip and ABS sidewall they not only float well in powder, but amazingly enough are very quick edge to edge even in crud and hard pack conditions. If you find yourself skiing the side of the trail most of the time in search of soft snow, jump into the trees whenever possible, and at times just like the skis to fly then this is a great option for you.

As for the mounting point on the K2 Obsethed it really just depends on where you spend most of your time skiing. If you are going to use them just for powder then you would want to mount them at +2cm. If you find yourself skiing them all mountain then +3cm and if you find yourself wanting to use them as more of a freeride backcountry ski for use on booters and switch landings and switch skiing then we would suggest to mount them at +4cm or +5cm if you spend a lot of time riding and landing switch.

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  1. This is very helpful for me as i am choosing a new pair of skis to buy. I just relocated from Miami to Sacramento and the snow is much differenct..;)
    However, based on the snow condition in Tahoe, and myh preference to stay along side of the trails and in&out of the trees, this ski seems to be a good choice for me.

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