2010 Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis Review

The 2010 Line Sir Francis Bacon Skis is one of the most versatile skis that Eric Pollard has designed. Now with an all new 172cm length being made it leaves the question as to why they are still making the Line Elizabeth. Well there are actually some good reasons why. The Line Sir Francis Bacon has similar dimensions and yes they are both 172cm, but one of the biggest differences is that the 2010 Line SFB is a stiffer ski all around and made for skiing everywhere on the hill at anytime. The 2010 Line Elizabeth is softer so it is made more to be a freestyle ski that still skis the entire mountain, any conditions, well. The Line SFB is a Freeride/All-Mountain ski that will still ski the park well. There is only a cosmetic difference between the 2009 and 2010 Line Sir Francis Bacon. This is one of the best skis you will ever get on, especially if you live in a place with good snowfall the Line Sir Francis Bacon will ski any snow conditions thanks to Eric Pollard’s ability to design useful skis better than anyone else.

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