2010 Line Prophet 130 Ski Review

Line skis year after year continues to up the anty when it comes to designing their skis. With one of the better selling powder skis on the market already with the Prophet 130 Line decided they needed to do a few subtle changes in order for us as skiers to get the best possible ride out of the ski. The major change in the ski is that it now has 25cm’s of early rise in the tip. What this does is allows the ski to stay on top of the powder even easier. The Line Prophet 130 is one of the best true powder skis on the market and will serve you well on the steepest and deepest of terrain.¬†Thanks to the 25cm’s of tip rocker the 2010 Line Prophet 130 ski easily turned on a dime, yes at high speed you still felt just as comfortable. Very impressive ski and an excellent upgrade for the 2010 season.

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