2010 Volkl Mantra Skis (Different material than 2008 and 2009)

The 2010 Volkl Mantra was supposed to be the same as the 2008 and 2009 except for a different topsheet graphic, however after comparing the 3 skis the 2010 is totally different from the 2008 and 2009. With the thickness of the ski different I decided to weigh the ski and see what the weight difference was and to my surprise the new 2010 Volkl Mantra in a 170cm weighed almost the same as the 2009 Volkl Aura. This is not what I expect out of Volkl. Remember that a bend is not considered a warranty as it is not a manufacturer’s defect. Volkl has accepted very few bent Mantra’s back as warranty the past year or two so this is a major concern for those looking to purchase the new 2010 Volkl Mantra. It looks and feels as though the 2008 and 2009 Volkl Mantra models will hold up better than the new 2010 version which seems too light for what it is. I would only suggest the new 2010 if you are  a lighter weight skier. If you are not then the 2009 is going to be your best option so buy before they are all gone!

2008/2009 Volkl Mantra Weight                                    2010 Volkl Mantra Weight

170cm – 8.38 lbs                                                                       170cm – 7.70 lbs                            

177cm – 9 lbs                                                                               177cm – Not in Stock

184cm – 9.45 lbs                                                                         184cm – 8.9 lbs

I would be interested to hear other people’s opinions on this matter.

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  1. Great info on the weight.
    The first shop where I demoed only had the 2008 model, and I tried the Mantra in 177 (with some DIN 12 Tyrolia binding-don’t remember model), which edged great on the groomed and sailed through crud, but were heavy and slow to turn in tight, bumpy trees. Then I went to a different shop which had the current year 2010, and downsized to 170 (with Griffon binding)–this was remarkably easier to turn in tight chutes (The Cirque at Whistler), but there was much more vibration on crud, so I can’t say I loved it in that length.
    Anyway, I thought the weight difference couldn’t only be accounted by the shorter length, so I figured maybe the Tyrolia binding was much heaver? Now at least I know that if I upsize from the 170 to the 177 to get more stability, it’s still gonna be lighter and easier to turn than the 177 model 2008. If that makes it less likely for me to hit a tree, we’re good.

  2. That makes perfect sense. The lighter ski will flex easier than the 2008 and if you got the 177cm length you would be better off. That being said the Griffon is a much lighter binding than the Head/Tyrolia Binidng and that would affect the flex and weight of the ski as well. Its smart to stay with the Griffon as it will help you turn quicker as it has a tighter hold on your boot.

  3. 2 Great alternatives to the Volkl Mantra are the Line Prophet 90 and the Line Prophet 100. If you want a stiffer ski geared more towards firm conditions then go with the Prophet 90 and if you want something with a similar flex of the Mantra but with even more versatility then you really should be considering our favorite in this categroy the Line Prophet 100 Skis.

  4. I just saw that the 2011 version of the Mantras are hitting the stores. Do you guys have any informations on the measurements? Are these also equal to the 2009/2010 models (except for the material?)

    I have the possibility to by a pair of the 2009 model at a discounted price. Should I prefer that over buying a more expensive pair of the 2011 model?

  5. Some 2011 models are comming in but it is unchanged from last year besides the graphic. You would be better off buying the 2009 or 2010 model rather than spend extra money just for graphic.

  6. I ended up buying the mantra 177 with a jester demo binding, since I read lots of debate over mounting position, on other websites. Turns out that the 0 line is perfect for me. I didn’t like moving it back for powder; it just makes the skis feel very heavy to turn. It also makes it difficult to feel the sweet spot in carved turns.
    The skis themselves perform beautifully in everything but the tightest of trees. They really shine on hardpack and ice where they hold a damn good edge and little to no chatter at 55+ MPH (measured by GPS). The length is versatile for my 5’8″, 200# frame; it’s short enough for trees and long enough for fast groomers. I haven’t been able to try them in powder deeper than 12″, so I can’t comment much on that.
    I do wish I had tried the prophet 100s…I couldn’t find a place to demo them until I had already bought mine, and then I saw them at the Lift House in Utah. So I’m suffering some buyer’s remorse…they would probably float better, are lighter for transport and hiking, and they advertise that thicker layer of ptex.

    I have to return them for a warranty issue …hope they send me a pair of 2011s! My current base is red, so doing repairs on my own don’t come out well. I’ve read in other sites as well, that the 2010 and 2011 are the same. I hope they don’t do me the favor of sending me the 2012 version. I believe they’re planning on introducing some rocker.

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