2011 Icelantic Shaman Skis Review

What a treat it was to ski on the 2011 Icelantic Shaman Skis. My favorite part of skiing the Shaman is that you felt like you were surfing on the snow. Especially in crud and heavy snow they not only plow but just keep you on top of everything. Best way to describe the Icelantic Shaman with its 160-110-130 shape it really felt like you were surfing not skiing. Just lay back and ride the wave no matter what kind of crud, chop or powder you have. In the trees they were excellent you just kind of pointed them where you wanted them to go and they would do it. You could pivot on the tail of the ski which was a blast when you got onto groomers because you could really load up the tail in a turn and accelerate out of it with even more speed than you went into it with. If you really love the feeling of just being on top of the snow when everyone else is struggling the Icelantic Shaman is an excellent choice. As for sizing I can see why the 173cm is the pic length, however Even at 5’6″ I still really enjoyed the feel of the 184cm length. With the 160cm tip you can easily initiate a turn and if stability is what you are looking for the Icelantic Shaman Skis have an amazing ability to just stick to the snow even at higher speeds on firm conditions. Again Icelantic did an excellent job of producing a ski that will ski anywhere on the mountain with a design that is unlike anyone else.

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  1. Hello Adam,

    I agree with you about the Shamans, they truly can cut through anything. The tip of the ski seems to catch everyones attention but the width and easy of turn is what caught my attention when I hoped on these also. I am 5’7″ and the 173cm are right on track, but I have heard that at 184cm that they are still easy to rip with. I am excited to demo the Keepers for next season!

  2. I own a pair of Shamans. They are the ultimate powder, crud and tree ski. If you want to ski powder effortlessly, this is the ski for you. I am 6 ft 3 in, 180 lbs and ski the 173cm. I’m always on top. Never thought I would be skiing the trees and back country until I got a pair of Shamans. They are the real deal.

  3. awesome!
    not like my 9 rossy Wcups – diferent.
    but they do the most of the fun un soft, slashy, icy and fluffy tracks.
    allow two days to get used to them – have to wait for initiation.
    real pow and carving machines for short turns, not big mountain shreds, but they are for deep in the trees and onpiste as well!

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