2010 – 2011 K2 Hardside Skis

The 2010 – 2011 K2 Hardside is one of the most versatile All Mountain AT Skis on the market. It is too stiff for most people to make a good tele ski but if you want a ski that will plow through anything the 2011 K2 Hardside ski was very impressive. It is mounted a little further back than I like most of my skis but with the extra tip in the woods it had great flotation and really you just pointed the ski where you wanted them to go and they would with ease. For how stiff they are they really were a delight in the woods and bumps. I was on the 174cm and at 185lbs could have easily done the 181cm, but for tighter turns the 174cm was an excellent choice. They always wanted to be going straight down the fall line and you rarely, even on groomers, got the skis to go completely across the hill, they had a ton of energy out of the tail and you really could accelerate through a turn. Stability was never in question at any speed so if you wanted a narrower big mountain AT ski the 2010 – 2011 K2 Hardside Skis would make an excellent choice.

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