2010 – 2011 K2 Kung Fujas Skis Review

The 2011 K2 Kung Fujas is a totally new ski for next season. Last year at 95mm in the waist it made for a pretty simple pic for a one ski quiver ski, but now at 102mm’s it is even an easier go to this ski for that person looking for a one ski quiver. The K2 Obsethed had been our pic in the K2 line up for the past couple of years, however the new 2011 K2 Obsethed is 117mm in the waist and is now what we would consider powder rocker and not resort/all-terrain rocker like the 2011 K2 Kung Fujas is. The 179cm length was my pick length for skiing everywhere on the mountain. With a 19m turn radius they made a beautiful medium to longer radius turn and where they really excelled was in the tress and bumps. Skied a few bump runs with them just for fun and they loved to just absorb every mogul thanks to the combination of a rockered tip and a soft tip. When in the trees they felt like they were truly at home. Very quick edge to edge and with no lag time it truly was a delight to ski the Kung Fujas. If you are looking for a ski that really loves travelling all over the mountain and is versatile in all conditions the K2 Kung Fujas is a ski that you can not go wrong with. It is a medium flexing ski which would make a great AT ski as well. We had them mounted at about +4cm and that really is where we found the ski to ski its best.

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  1. Time for a new ski and this is exactly what Im looking for. I see you liked ’em at +4cm, Any recommendations for mount placement for tele binding?



  2. Its funny you ask because I was looking to get into tele more this year and this was the ski I too was thinking of getting to tele on. Typically a tele mount you would mount further back but I would think that on this ski I would want a little more tail if I was going to tele so I was thinking that +2cm from traditional tele mark would be the choice mount for this ski!

  3. adam

    Sounds just what I am looking for. I see you had 179s, what length would you recommend for somebody who is 6’1″ and weighs 87kg?

    Thanks J.

  4. You can easily do either the 179cm or 189cm. If you enjoy big mountain lines and speed go for the 189cm. If you enjoy playing all over the mountain and especially enjoy going into bumps and trees then I would suggest the 179cm length. You can’t go wrong with either it just really depends on what application you are going to use them for.


  5. Am looking to rent these for February 2011. For someone who is only 5″8 and around 10 stone would these be recommended? And what size should I go for?

    Would appreciate some help with this.


  6. Adam,
    I’m looking to go back to a single all round ski as I am no longer doing seasons and its a pain to lug two sets of planks around on holidays! I currently ski Line Invader 178 for the park and Volkl Mantra 184 for everywhere else. I love the Mantra’s in particular as they are fast and powerful and this suits my style.

    I am an advanced to expert level skier around 6’2″, 80kgs and I ski all areas of the mountain including the park and some fairly taxing off piste. The Kung Fujas is high on my list to replace my current skis, along with the Volkl Bridge and Line Blend. Which of these would you recommend the most for me and in what size?



  7. I have a pair of 179’s. First time out I lost both caps for the skin mouniting so now i have two holes on the front of my tips. Has this happened to anyone else?

  8. Ed,
    It really depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for that one ski quiver ski that will allow you to both charge and play in the aprk I would think the Volkl Bridge or tge Line Blend is where you would want to go. If you go with the Blend try to go with last years as this years Blend is softer and probably not what you are lookong for. As for size you should be looking in that 179cm to 183cm length no problem.


  9. First I have heard of this, but it is pretty common on other models of skis that have a cap for the skin. It does not affect the way it skis in anyway it is purely cosmetic.

  10. “if you are looking for that one ski quiver ski that will allow you to both charge and play in the aprk I would think the Volkl Bridge or tge Line Blend is where you would want to go”

    So you prefer the bridge over the fujas? I cant decide between bridge and fujas. I’m afraid of the 102mm waste of the fujas, i think i preferd the older 95 mm version. On the oder side i heard the fujas where very soft en not good for crud.

    Can you tell something about that? Greets from the Netherlands !

  11. “If you are looking for that one ski quiver ski that will allow you to both charge and play in the aprk I would think the Volkl Bridge or tge Line Blend is where you would want to go”

    So you prefer the bridge over te fujas? I cant decide between the two. I’m afraid of the fujas new 102mm waist, i think 95mm suit me much better for the time being on piste. I also heard the fujas are very soft in the tail and no good for crud. But bridge will maybe too stiff and not playefull enough……

  12. Both are great skis it really depends on what you want. Some people would prefer the old Fujas. I myself have not owned a ski under 100mm in the waist for 5 seasons now and mostly skis stuff 115mm and over as my everyday skis, but for most people I would say if they want a one ski quiver ski the Prophet 100 and Kung Fujas would be great choices. Bridge is a great East Coast Ski but not sure I would call it a true on ski quiver ski. Line Blend would also be a good choice. You have two options with the Blend. You have the 2010 version which is stiffer or the 2011 version which has the same dimensions but is a softer more forgiving ski. Fujas is very soft and that is why I would go more towards the Blend or Prophet 100.

  13. @ Adam,

    I’m from europe and i ski only East Coast. So lots of groomers, hardpack and ice. Im thinking of a second ski for the really icy day’s, but when it’s possible to handle it with only one quiver that’s a better choiche (money).

    Im looking for a palyfull allround ski. Good in trees, crud and groomers. I dont ski a lot of pow (wide open (backcountry) fields). I also want a ski that can charge well for some big lines. I know i cant expect a racer, therfore we have race-carvers.

    Last year i skied the salomon lord 185cm. But i didnt; liked it very much. I was a bit long for me and the condition where very bad , only hardpack and ice. They where no fun at all. Maybe you know the old Salomon Foil 1080? That ski i liked, but it needed so more stiffnes to be stable and for crudbusting…..

    Why would the bridge not be a quiver? What is the weak point?

  14. Adam,

    California skier, I’m in the bumps whenever I’m on-piste, but everything else is trees & heavy Sierra pow/crud. Only have the $ for one ski. I want it to be ~ 100 under foot, so I can keep up off-piste, but I LOVE the bumps. Does a compromise exist? Could it be the Kung Fujas 2011?

  15. I recently tried the Atomic Access – really liked the 181s, they’re quite soft and rattle a bit at speed ‘cos of the rocker but are v manoeverable for a 100m waisted ski and LOTS of fun both on piste and in pow. And they’re cheap too.

  16. so you liked them the best at +4? Did you by any chance try them forward of that? I have mine currently at +3 and feel like they are too far back for all mountain (excluding park) skiing. these are my hardpack skis so float is not a big concern.

  17. The Fujas is a great ski but it may be a little light for Sierra snow. If you really enjoy bumps the Fujas is an excellent ski. Another great option would be the Line Blend or an older Seth would also be a great choice. If you are more concerned with bumps stick with the Fujas, if you want something to plow through tht eSierra Cement then go with Blend

  18. Yeah I did try them a head of that and enjoyed them, but I do ski a lot of trees and bumps so +4 was ideal for me. I don’t ski on anything under 115 as my everyday ski so the Fujas for me would be more of a hard snow ski. For testing however I know that most people could use this as their everyday one ski quiver ski and be very happy on them. Brian do you have the 2011 or 2010 because they are totally different skis. If you wanted to ski park with them then I would go +5cm with them.

  19. About to sink some inserts into my KFs to have a SollyFit rig. I’m looking at those tails that will only be a detriment skinning and thought about chopping those off to just a slight twin (like and old Mantra) with a skin notch. You ever tried something like that?

    Great reviews – keep ’em coming.

  20. Best thing to do would be to get the Kung Fujas Skins designed for that ski then you will have no issues at all with a skin clip. There are a ton of them available on the internet so there is no reason to cut the tail off your KF, they skin great. G3 also makes twin tip adapters so if you are doing an aftermarket skin that works well too.

  21. My issue is not with the skins, but with the additional tail length that makes kick turns while skinning more difficult. I also noticed that core center on the Kung Fujas is about 4.5cm more forward than my Seth Pistols or Seth Viscious (all are 179cm) which will add even more tail length.

    Still plenty of float in the pow at +4?

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