2010 – 2011 K2 Obsethed Ski Review

All new for the 2011 season the K2 Obsethed has a totally new design. If you enjoyed the older design with the slight rocker and the 105mm under foot then you better jump on them quickly as they will be gone soon. You can get the 2011 K2 Kung Fujas but it is just not the same as the Obsethed. For 2011 the K2 Obsethed now has full Powder Rocker and is 117mm under foot. The K2 Obsethed is now a Resort Rocker ski that will compete with the likes of the Line Sir Francis Bacon along with the Armada JJ in the 115mm range. There is powder rocker in the tip which allows for easy float in big snow and for skiing big mountain lines and then K2 put All-Mountain rocker in the tail which allows for great versatility when skiing in the trees and bumps. Would have liked to have seen a slightly larger tip and tail to make for a quicker turning ski when trying to carve on groomers but if you enjoy speed and making big turns down the fall line you will enjoy how the Obsethed skis even on groomers. As for mounting that is also the key to this ski, since the new 2011 K2 Obsethed is softer than previous versions you do not want to mount too far back as you will find yourself skiing too much off the tail which is fairly soft. +3 or +4cm is the where I found the best place to ski it was. If I was using as an AT ski with skins then I would not go less than +2.5 or +3cm. The Obsethed with its longer turning radius of 23m @ 179cm really enjoys staying on the side of the trail skiing all the junk snow you can throw its way. If you want something that has a little more beef to it and does not have as much rocker than you should look at the new 2011 K2 Kung Fujas or buy an older K2 Obsethed. Overall a very enjoyable ski in all conditions including firm hard pack, but really excelled in broken up snow and thanks to the rocker was a blast skiing bumps and trees where all you needed to do was pivot and absorb. Excellent new design thanks to Seth and one that will really change people’s mind about skiing rockered skis at resorts.

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  1. For the person the reviewed this: How is the ski length? I am 6 foot 185 pounds. Is this something that I would want to go longer with (189) to ski wide open and tree lines or the 179? I know that it has the powder rocker, so it will ski shorter. What do you think? I’m a pretty aggressive skier.

  2. You would want the 189cm for wide open and if the trees you ski are not too tight. I am 5’6″, about 185lbs and ski the 179cm in tight trees but would ski the 189cm if they were more wide open.

  3. Thanks for the great reviews.
    I’m rockin’ last year’s Bent Chetlers for my AT set-up and looking to get a dedicated resort ski. I’ve only been skiing for ~5 years and love how fun & forgiving my Chetlers are and want something similar, but maybe a bit more stable for hunting steep powder & tight trees at the resort. I was leaning toward the SFB, but my options may be limited to K2 & Volkl. Are the new fatter, rockered obSETHed funner, ala BC, SFB & JJ?

  4. Thanks Jeff,
    If you are looking for a dedicated resort rocker then I would really stay with the new Obsethed, SFB, or JJ. If I had my pic I would go SFB first, then JJ, and then obSETHed. You really can not go wrong with those three skis, if you want something similar to that of your Bentchetlers then your first choice should probably be the JJ then SFB as the JJ has more of that Bentchetler feel to it. Obsethed is a lot of fun as a freeride skis but I felt the SFB and JJ had better edge hold when skiing more resort oriented snow and especially on groomers. Big mountain the Obsethed really does well and is versatile but with the new tip rocker in the bacon and the ralready versatile JJ you can not go wrong with most skis in this category. If you do go Volkl then consider the Volkl Katana but if you want that Bentchetler feel go with the JJ all the way.

  5. Just wanted to say thanks to your review my new ObSethed’s are getting mounted with my Marker F12’s as we speak! Thank you for the mounting advice and I went with +3 on my mount and opted for the 189’s as I am a little over foot, 165 and skied for 30 years both racing and patrolling.

    Your site is a diamond in the rough and a breath of fresh air in comparison to all the factory BS reviews that are out there!

    From the Cascade Concrete Crew

  6. Thank you for all the great beta…

    I ride mammoth and baldy (when it dumps) in CA. I am on the fence between the S7, obsethed and prophet 115. I love it in the back country, in the trees and in the pow but spend time traversing on groomers as well. I am never in the park and rarely, if ever ride switch. I am curious which ski I should close on? Im 5’9 160lbs and looking at the 178s or 179s (as applicable)…


  7. For where you are skiing I would sya the Prophet 115 woul dbe one of your top picks. You want a ski with rigidity when you get that Sierra Cement and yet a ski that will still have nice flex when the snow is deep and light. Mammoth was one of my favorite places to live and really enjoyed having a ski with some regidity for heavier days and a ski that was much softer for light snow days. The Prophet 115 does a great job of mixing both of these things into one ski. I mounted a piar of the Prophet 115’s up for this season as my AT Ski

  8. Thanks Adam…
    Ill be mounting them with Dukes for touring as well. So, in that regard, what do you think about the weight issue… Something like 19 lbs all in.

    Even though Im not much of a freestyle pow guy, what do you think of the Sir Francis Bacon compared to the P115? For all around riding on groomers, touring backcountry, trees (no park)???

    Thanks again for your input, much appreciated.

  9. Actually it would be closer to 16 lbs in all. Both are great skis and you really can not go wrong with either. If you want a playful ski then go with the SFB if you want something with a little more backbone for hard charging then go with the 115.

  10. Thank god i found this website i am in desperate need of help. I am 6 feet 6 inches and hover around 235 lbs. I am looking at the obsethed, line prophet 115, armada jj, or pretty much anything with a waist around 115. I ski a fair amount of groomers but if there is any pow around whether it is trees or wide open i go straight for it. What ski would you recommend?

  11. Sorry i left out some sort of important info. I am still in the process of mastering my abilities. I can ski black diamond with ease but i lack complete confidence in my abilities and also lack trust in my skis as i switched from snowboarding two years ago. I like playful skis but do to my weight and height the flex i think could be a problem. I am also throwing on my list of potentials the SFB .

  12. Thanks for the additional info. The 2 skis you should be considering are the Line SFB an the Prophet 115. Both of these ski are going to be excellent on the groomers but will really be amzing on the ofter no as well when you in that. at your height and weigh I see no iue in you bein able to flex a ski. The other skis ou are looking at are all ot of fun but for what you are lookin for in a ski I think the 2 Line ski are going to be more versatile. They ski groomers the best out of the kis in the 15 category.

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