2010 – 2011 Line Prophet 100 Ski Review vs. Volkl Mantra

Line was smart with the Prophet 100 for the 2011 season and kept it totally unchanged except for the graphic. The Line Prophet 100 was one of the best selling skis of the past 2 season and for good reason. With excellent edge hold on firm snow and great versatility in deep snow and crud the shift from the Volkl Mantra to the Line Prophet 100 was an easy one for many. If you enjoy a wider ski that will not only leave trenches on groomed but bust up the crud and ski the bumps then the Line Prophet 100 is an excellent choice for you. If you can find a good deal on the ’09 and ’10 models for a discounted price do not be afraid to jump on those deals as the 2011 ski is the same with a different cosmetic but it will be selling for $649.95. The Line Prophet 100 is wider and more versatile than the Volkl Mantra, as for flex they are pretty similar. If you want something stiffer than the Volkl Mantra and you are an East Coast skier then you should consider the Line Prophet 90 (also unchanged for the past couple of years). It is stiffer than both the Mantra and the Prophet 100 and designed more as an All-Mountain East Coast ski.

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