2011 Line EP Eric Pollard Pro Model Skis

With out a doubt my favorite ski for everyday just playing around is the 2011 Line EP Pro Model Skis, if you want to save some money grab a pair of the 2010 models. While I would not suggest this as most people’s everyday ski this for me is a one ski quiver. The ski will do everything I want and while it could use more stability at higher speeds i will sacrifice that for the amount of fun the ski is doing absolutely everything else on the hill and in any ski condition. Even at 127mm in the waist the Line EP Pro skis will dig trenches on firm groomers. With a 15.9m turn radius this ski is not just a powder ski but an incredible all mountain tool for skiers who can ski center on their skis. This is a ski that you can not cheat on as it is so soft that you need to stay center and just roll the edges, thanks to the rocker and reverse sidecut. Don’T be afraid to get out on a ski this wide it truly is the only ski of its kind and one that I back 100%. I can can choose from 100’s of models of skis and I always come back to my Line EP Pro Skis. Line and Eric Pollard have just done an amazing job of designing this ski and for 2011 they have made it even lighter in the tip to save on weight.

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  1. How would you compare the EP Pro to the SFB? I’m kinda leaning towards the SFB. I notice the SFB has early rise for 2011, so perhaps the 2011 SFB is a new beast. And then there is the new Prophet 115. Intriguing. Recommendations?

    If this helps your thinking – I preferred and bought the Volkl Mantras over the Prophet 100s this past year (really liked the Prophet 90 over both for groomed, just didn’t think it would be as nice for pow and crud). The Mantra may not be quite as nice in pow and crud as the P100, but I felt it was much snappier and hooked up with greater zip when you get to the groomer slopes. But the Mantra is stiff and I’m looking for a softer powder/crud ski to add to the quiver. Still, I can’t get past the desire for a ski that will also carve when directed to do so on the groomers traveling home. Hence my leaning towards the SFB.

  2. I ride the EP Pro as my everyday ski and have for three years now. It is a ski that takes a certain skiing style to be able to use its true potential and if you thought the Prophet 100 was mushy don’t even get on the EP. It is not a ski that you drive, it is a ski that you ride and it has more of a surf feel to them. It is the softest ski you will find anywhere, which blows peoples minds when I dig trenches with them. If you know how to ski them they will rail on the firmest of conditions thanks to a 15.9m turn radius and when in powder the versatility is unmatched for sure. It looks like you enjoy the feeling of metal so I would lean more towards the Prophet 115 which was one of our favorite skis we tested. It is the only Prophet ski with sidewall construction and that really helps with more precision and zip on the groomers. It is not a very stiff ski but with the metal it has enough rigidity so that at speed it will still be precise in its turning. As for the SFB that is one of the most versatile skis in the line. No metal but a sidewall construction so it really enjoys making nice turns on groomers and really is fun in all snow conditions. The new early rise is something we wanted for the past couple of years so it is really nice to see it on the 2011 Sir Francis Bacon as that will just make it that much more versatile in deep snow. Its only downfall is on high speed groomers but all other conditions they will treat you right. We are talking over like 35mph and once you are on them a couple of times you will know the sweet spot when you are at those higher speeds. It just seems like you enjoy the power of a stiffer ski and you are not going to get that with the SFB so the key is to just not over power the ski, it is meant to be a playful ski and will do almost anything you ask of it. Just don’t try and drive the tip as you do not need to, the widest part of the ski is about 10cm’s back from the tip so just roll them on edge and you will be surprised how much energy you can get out of the ski even with out any metal. We really enjoy the Line skis as they are playful and versatile. Keep your thoughts toward the SFB and Prophet 115, you can not go wrong with either of these skis. If you enjoy something with a little more bite on groomers go with the Prophet 115, if you want something a little more playful then go with the SFB. Hope this was helpful.

  3. Adam,
    You describe the SFB as more “playful” than the P115. Can you be more specific? I’m not sure I know exactly what playful means (i.e. in terms of flex, rebound and other objective ski performance characteristics). If a ski is more playful, I suppose this means some type of skiing will be easier? Also, how much of a difference is there between these two skis? For example, does the P115 have twice as much edge grip as the SFB, or is more like 10% more edge grip? Is the SFB twice as playful as the P115 or just a little bit more?
    Thanks in advance as I’m trying to decide between these two skis.

  4. Dale,
    Two totally different style skis. The SFB is more of a Freestyle Powder ski so it is not stiff yet still has very good edge hold on firm conditions and is very quick edge to edge. It is a much softer ski than the Prophet 115 which has a metal matrix. There is a huge difference between the two skis. The SFB is designed as a lightweight all around do everything ski, even at 115mm in the waist you would be surprised how versatile it is on groomers. It is easy to ski all day as it does not have any metal. The Prophet 115 is a more aggressive Freeride Powder ski which means it wants to plow through everything yet still has excellent float, maybe 20% better edge hold but really only noticeable at higher speeds. It skis groomers with ease but is more work than the SFB when it comes to skiing tighter trees and moguls. It really comes down to what kind of skier you are and where you are skiing. If you enjoy skiing more open runs/glades and are hard charging all the time then the Line Prophet 115 would probably be your pick choice. If you enjoy skiing lots of tighter trees and soft moguls along with the slough on the very side of the trail then the SFB would probably be your pick. The SFB allows you to relax a little more than the Prophet 115 and for some of us at the end of the day it is nice having something a little more forging. Hopefully this was helpful, let me know if you have any other questions!

  5. Hi Adam
    I have porblems chosing betwen the SFB and the 115.
    I like a ski that I can take off piste, on groomers in the trees and playing with my kids(5 and 8) im 5.9″ and 176 and just below expert level. I ski in Europe so the snow is a litle heavy compared to most north american snow.

  6. If the snow is heavy then you would want to lean toward the Prophet 115 as that is going to bust through heavier crud easier. If you are looking for a more playful ski then the Bacon is the way to go.

  7. Hi Adam,

    I’m looking for a one ski quiver ski that works best when I enjoy skiing the most which would be east coast powder days, tight glades, trail edges, and spring mush. One good powder day is worth a full season of groomer days. I do spend time on groomers when skiing with my wife. To keep those days fun I work on skiing switch. I currently ski the original Volkl Bridges which work fine, except that they occasionally sink down though the crust layers. Having skied for 35 years (my knees aren’t what they used to be) I’m looking for a new experience. Do you think the EP Pros will fit the bill?

  8. i was just wondering yout thoughts adam on either the EP Pro’s or the opus’s i am going back and forth and can’t decide. I am going to be living and sking in alta utah. Just wondering on pros and cons of each and which one you would chose.

  9. If you are getting dedicated powder ski the EP Pro is a pretty amazing ski and one that I own 2 different models of. That being said if you want something a little more versatile in all conditions and terrain the Opus is that one ski quiver ski that will do everything that you want it to do and with the new design of the Early Rise you will notice that you really dont give anything up in flotation by going a little narrower in the Opus. I do really enjoy the EP Pro for deep days, but they are VERY soft and if you dont ski them center they will take you for a ride.

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