2011 Line Prophet 115 Freeride Skis

One of the most anticipated skis for the 2011 season is the Line Prophet 115 Skis. It is both innovative and versatile. At 115mm in the waist the 2011 Line Prophet 115 Skis will do anything an all-mountain ski will do while being able to hand big mountain skiing with ease. This is the ultimate one ski quiver ski, yes I said one ski quiver ski for those who really enjoy a ski that will handle all conditions the Line Prophet 115 is not a ski to be overlooked. it is ahead of its time as far as versatility goes and whether you need it to make quick turns on firm groomed snow or you are skiing some of the steepest deepest lines of your life the Line Prophet 115 Skis will and should be one of your top choices!

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  1. Hey Adam, do you know how much they weigh??? I am on a quest to find a lightweight ski that I can take on a tour and go to a resort with. I want the ski to be young and lively with at least 105 underfoot. Any suggestions?

  2. In the 179cm length the Prophet 115 weighs in at 10.5lbs. It is a wood core ski with metal so it is going to have some weight to it. If you are more concerned with weight then maybe you should consider the Line Sir Francis Bacon, Icelantic Keeper or the Armada JJ, these skis are going to be much lighter and all three serve as great touring skis with excellent resort capabilities in mind!

  3. Thanks for the comments on the LP 115, Adam. What length would you think is best for my size? I’m 5’8″ and 167 lbs. Aggressive to expert skier. I’ve been skiing the LP 100 in a 179 for three years. There are days I wish they were 186. But, the 115 is heavier, wider and a longer turning radius. I’m torn between the 179 and the 186. What do you think?

  4. The reason you felt like you wanted the 186cm is that the 179cm P100 is more like 176.5cm and the 186cm is about a 183.5cm length. As for the Prophet 115 that measures about a 177.5cm in the 179cm length and as it is a bigger ski altogether I would think you would want the 179cm length in the 115. If you were about 200lbs and skied mostly big mountain or more wide open terrain then I would go towards the 186cm length but I would think for your height and weight that the 179cm would be the most appropriate.

  5. Adam,

    I am 6’2″, 215 and am looking for an all mountain ski. Aggressive skier that loves speed. Just got back from Snowbird/Canyons/Park City on ’11 Volkl Kendo 184’s. I felt that they were a bit chatty on the hard pack and did not provide enough float for me in the powder. I need something that will allow for some float, get through the crud, but can still carve on the groomers. I’ve been reading a lot about the JJ’s, Line SFB, and the Volkl Katana….any suggestions on ski and size?


  6. From what you just told me you can rule just about anything with out metal out. The skis you should consider are the Volkl Katana in the 190cm length, Line Prophet 115 in the 186cm length or if you like longer gs turns even the Line Mothership. You need a ski with a backbone and the skis listed above will give that to you. The Prophet 115 is one of our favorite go out and rip in all conditions kind of ski.

  7. Sidestash would be another good choice, one of the few with out metal that you could crank out turns on. The 188cm is the length for you. The other are alright it just depends on what you want to give up for quicker turning versus float.

  8. I’m 5′ 7″ – 5′ 8″ and about 155lbs. Been on 183cm Gotamas with dynafits recently and had serious icing up issues when doing predominantly big mountain lines. Planning on switching to marker barons and been considering the prophet 115 as have had some trouble in tighter spots (trees…)with the length of the goats. The 115 is available widely in the 179, but have been wondering if the 173 would have been better? Thoughts (or different options). Cheers

  9. The Prophet 115 skis very short thanks to the eraly rise. I rey enjoy th 79cm length but if i were goin ou west i would want the 6cm length no uestion askd. for your heigh and weight the 179cm really is your choice lenght for veratility. The 115 ski much quick edge to edge than the Gotama does. If you are having touble handlin the length of the Gotama and not the turnability then you would want to conider the 7cm length.

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