2011 Armada JJ Skis Review

One of the best selling skis of last year was the Armada JJ Skis. These skis sold out by January from most places. Armada is known for building to order which means they do not make very much above what shops order. If you went with out JJ’s because you waited to long last year then jump early this year because the graphic is even stronger and even more people now about the JJ then last year.

The 2011 Armada JJ Skis was one of my favorite skis to test. It scored high in everything and I really only found one weakness and that was high speed straight line groomers. For me that is not a problem as I enjoy cranking out turns and with the very tight turn radius of the 2011 Armada JJ Skis cranking out turns is a blast. If you want a light, quick, energetic ski with lots of float and easy maneuverability in the trees and moguls then look no further than the Armada JJ Skis. The Armada JJ really enjoyed skiing everywhere on the mountain and in any condition, but get them in Powder and Trees and you will have the best run of your life every run out! Bo no means a stiff ski but with amazing rocker and reverse sidecut it does not matter becasue the ski is stable all day long. If you show up with JJ’s everyone will be envious of your quiver because with the Armada JJ you have a quiver of 1.

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  1. what about the JJ’s leght? do you find true that the 175 ones ski like snowblade?

    I’m a solid intermediate, 154lb and 5,83″ (178cm) searching for my first powder specific ski (usually riding a Head peak 78… but they’re stiff like hell for powder) for open, trees and jumps but no reverse skiing or tricks… can you advice me? SFB 2011 or JJ? and lenght?

    i can’t test any of these skis in italy…

    Thank you so much!


  2. The 175cm does ski liek a snowblade. it is made for smaller skiers for sure. For your weight you may enjoy the 175cm length. They turn very quickly and float like a dream. I personally like a longer ski so for me at 5’6″ and 185lbs I really enjoy the 185cm length in the JJ and the 182cm length in the Bacon. I own both and love them both. You can not go wrong with either ski honestly and at 154lbs the Bacon 172cm would be your choice length. JJ you would probably also prefer the 175cm but you could do the 185cm length as they ski much shorter than they measure. Both the JJ and Sir Francis Bacon are going to be more versatile in snow than your peak thanks to shape, camber, rocker, and flex that is involved in these skis.

  3. I am female, 5’7″ 135lbs and ski fairly aggressively.. for a girl (do I need to say that?). I grew up skiing Rocky mountain powder and moved to the PNW about a year ago. Wow- huge change in the snow! My quiver back home was some ’07 Gotamas, but they are not the right ski for the cement I’ve found out here. I spent last season toughing out the powder days trying to keep my tips up and my turns under control and feeling like a beginner again in this snow! Very frustrating after hearing about how fun wet/hero pow could be.

    I’ve been advised the Armada JJ by a close friend, who swears they’ll change my life. I’m also looking at the K2 Obsethed as a close second. At 176cm, would the JJ be too much ski for me to handle? I like to think I ski aggressively, but would I be making the wrong decision there? The guys down at the local ski shop told me this would be their only concern. With its massive powder rocker, would the Obsethed be too short at 169cm? My non-rockered Goats are 168cm, and felt too short at times in the pow. The ski shop dudes thought I would enjoy the Obsethed more for its playfulness, but the JJ’s sidecut and turning radius seem to suggest more playfulness than the more powder-specific Obsethed. Am I right?
    Thanks for your response!

  4. Not sure what shop you spoke with but maybe for their skiing they thought the Obsethed was more playful but with the sidecut and turn radius of the JJ it is for sure much more playful than the Obsethed. The Obsethed is an awesome freeride ski and one that we really enjoyed skiing all over the mountain and in most snow conditions but as far as playfulness goes the Armada JJ would be the pick ski if that is what you are looking for in a ski. PNW snow can be very heavy and a lot of work with out the right ski and the 175cm for your height and weight would be perfect. These skis do tend to ski short because of the rocker but the added tip and tail is very effective when in deeper snow. You have all the added length with out all the work of having to ski a long ski thanks to the reverse sidecut of the JJ. If you felt your goats were too small at times then I would say move to the 175cm JJ, if you are a good skier a few cm’s are not going to make that big of a difference. It is more contact point that you need to be concerned with and the JJ skis like a snowblade on groomers and floats like a dream in powder. As for length the 175cm JJ actually measures 173 1/4cm’s and weighs in at 8.8lbs. The Obsethed comes in at 169 cm’s long but weighs 9.6lbs so it is actually heavier than the JJ by almost 10%. I am still thinking for what you are looking for the JJ is going to be a much more fun ski for you in all snow conditions. This is a ski that will do it all and really can be a quiver of one.

    Hope this was helpful!

  5. Just finished first 3 days on new JJ’s. Traded in broken new Atomic Access. 155 lbs., 5’8″ aggressive backside fall line scrap hunter. Very cool specialty tool for the quiver. Spin, slack, smear, billy goat, pop, then figure how to carve back to the lift. Somewhat hooky, wicked light (is it tough enough?), odd shape (everyone asks, “how do you like em’), lame graphics, extremely quick in tight lines, playful. Not a crud monster, stay off the firm, but a blast in 5 – 15 new in the trees and chutes. Should have bought the 185’s but the 173.25’s make a neat pair of snowblades.

  6. I am interested in this ski but at 5’8″ and 155 lbs. I feel like Im right at the cut off… I love pow and tight trees but want something long enough for some stability in the big mountain riding… WHat size do you think would work for me?

    Thank you.

  7. Hi Adam, I am 6ft 190lbs intermediate and am looking for an all mountain ski. I dont go near the park and dont get to do much pow skiing as I live in Australia and unfortunately it is something that does not really exists on a large scale over here. I find myself going overseas more and more so plan on getting into the pow more often in the near future, most of my time is spent in crud,groomers and some fun between the ski’s, but as I am looking to find some deep stuff more I am keen to get something a bit wider under foot. I do want the ski to be able to hold up on groomers etc as well tho. I am an intermediate skier and was looking at the JJ in the 175 or the Kung Fujas in the 169, any help on this would be great.

  8. Forgot to mention I am also looking at the Line Prophet’s but not sure on whether the 100 or 115 would be better of the 2.

  9. JJ is the best selling freeride ski of 2011, for the most part the graphic has been very well received. The JJ is a one tool quiver, it really will ski anything and everything at any time. Once you ski it a few times you will notice that you need to relax a little bit and the ski won’t be so hooky. Sometimes working less will make the ski that much more versatile and manuverable. If someone is looking for a playful ski the Armada JJ is one of the best skis on the market. Other skis in this category would be the Line Sir Francis Bacon, Line EP Pro, and Rossignol S6. Obsethed has the rocker and width but not the playfulness of these other skis. I do not find this shape to be odd at all as I have been on Line EP Pro’s for this is going on my 3rd full season. Its all about skiing style with these skis, I loved the JJ on groomers and crud, you just have to be very light on your edges otherwise you over ski the ski. Unless someone is about 5’3″ or under 120lbs they really should be getting the 185cm length. 175cm is typically made for women or really light men, all skis with this much rocker and sidecut are designed to be used in the longer lengths. You will find more stability at speed yet no loss in playfulness. Both skis measure short if you do pull chord method, they do run true to size if measuring actual length of ski.

  10. The 185cm is still the length you would want if you are a good skier, the 175cm skis very short and you would not like as a big mountain ski. Don’t be afraid of the length. I am 5’6″ and ski the EP Pro 185cm everyday and love to take the JJ’s out in the 185cm as well. Also, if you can even find a JJ right now buy it quickly they are out for the year

  11. For your height and weight the 179cm Prophet 100 or Prophet 115 would be your best choices if you want something wider. If you want more of a one ski quiver ski than Prophet 100 would be the ski. If you are looking for a quiver ski then the JJ 185cm or the Prophet 115 would be a great choice for your deep snow ski. JJ is built more for a skier that skis very center, if you tend to get in the back seat at all i would stay away from the Fujas and the JJ and go more towards the Prophet series of skis. Prophet’s not only ski groomers very well but they are amazing in the trees and moderate snow depth. If you are getting into deep snow the 115 is what you would want to look at. The 179cm measures closer to a 176.5cm length.

  12. Hi. I am looking for my first all mountain skis, the widest skis I have had were 80 mm… Been on skis since the 70´s and rank myself as an advanced skier. I ski on grooms with the family but long for the off piste powder and woods. Living in Sweden the deep snow days are sadly quite few.
    I am considering the Prophet 100 and the ARV but thinking that some rocker would be fun… then the JJs and Prophet 115 might be worth considering but perhaps a bit crazy considering the few deep snow days I actually have.
    Also worth considering is the length of the ski since I am big, 6.6´(200 cm) and 204 lbs (93 kg). Perhaps the JJ will be too small? What about the Ross S7 in 195? Feels its a bit too much “big mountain” for me.
    Thanks for your advice!

  13. I ski the Prophet 115 as my everyday ski. May be more ski than what you need for waht you are skiing. Somehting in that 100 to 105 range may work better. If you are looking for a straight up pow ski go long but if you want a one ski all mountain ski quiver stay in the mid 180’s. The Prophet 115 comes in a small 186 and next year they will have an Influence 105 which is a rockered 105 ski that would be perfect for you. Armada will have a 195cm JJ next year called AK JJ but it will be 120 under foot and probably more ski than you need.

  14. I am a solid back country powder cat skier
    175 lbs, 5’11’
    I plan to use them both in deep powder and in area in CO
    should I get the 175cm or 185cm size?

  15. 185cm all the way. I am 5’6″ about 185lbs to 190lbs and I enjoy the 195cm even in tighter trees. These ski so short that a 175cm would feel like a 150cm, don’t sell yourself short with these skis they are made to ski in longer lengths.

  16. I would like to purchase some all-mountain skies for my daughter for Christmas. She is 23 yrs old and an excellent advanced skier. She grew up skiing mostly in the PNW. She is 5’4” and weighs 130 lbs. I was all set to buy the new VJJ, which I understand are the same as the “men’s” JJ but with different graphics. Two people at 2 different shops told me to get them in 165 cm. Then I read about the new Armada TSTw, with great reviews by several women in the PNW. So now I’m considering getting those in 165 instead, as perhaps they are a more versatile ski. However, given what you’ve been saying in this forum, perhaps I should stick with the JJs, but get them in 175, with Salomon STH 12 Driver bindings (?). Thanks for your help.

  17. At 5’4″ 130lbs and an excellent skier I would totally suggest the JJin the 175cm length. These ski very short and if she is an excellent skier she is going to want a bigger ski for this model. TST is a versatile ski, but most skiers who are advanced want more length and width on this style of ski. There is no reason she shouldn’t be able to handle a 175cm length in the JJ. The really only measure a 172cm in length and they ski much much shorter than that as you saw by my description of the skis. STH 12 is a great set up on that ski as well.

  18. Hey i just baught some 165cm 2012 armada jj s , im about 5″8 and 160 pounds. Are these skis gonna be too short considering how much the rocker takes off the actual length. ?

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