2012 Line Sir Francis Bacon All Mountain Skis Review

The Line Sir Francis Bacon or SFB Skis has been one of our favorite skis of the past 4 years. Last year it received tip rocker and the reviews were all for the best!! For 2012 the ski gets a total makeover. Instead of 115mm in the waist the ski is now 108mm and with a totally different profile the ski is actually more versatile then ever before. With an Early Rise and Early Taper that allows the ski to have more effective edge when on groomers the 2012 Line SFB is the perfect one ski quiver ski. If you are looking for just one ski to be able to use in all conditions and terrain the Line SFB is an excellent choice. I tested this ski in multiple conditions and really found that it handled everything with ease. The new 2012 SFB is more responsive then it ever has before and with an AT Binding on it this would make an excellent backcountry setup. The bumps were a ton of fun to do with the new Line SFB thanks to its amazing tip profile and its ability to just absorb each bump. In the powder it floats with ease and snow does not get stuck underneath like it can with some wider skis with rocker that is not well thought out.

The past Line SFB was an excellent ski so if you enjoyed that ski dont be afraid to try and find a pair at a reasonable price. Some people just do not enjoy the rocker setup and that is their perogative, I however dont own a pair of skis with out rocker.

If you enjoy wider skis the Line EP Opus is the best new ski for 2012!! The Line EP Opus is now my everyday ski and and should be yours too if you enjoy having the versatility of a wider waist. If you want 115+ then go with the Line EP Opus it is going to be hard for you to be disappointed. If you want something for skiing a little bit more on trail then the Line Sir Francis bacon is an excellent call.

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  1. Hi there,

    My background as a skier is racing and instructing. I’ve been skiing for about 18 years and racing for the last 7 or so. Currently I use race skis a lot but my go-to ski is a Nordica Dobermann Spitfire (incredible ski btw!). I’ve been getting more and more into my back-country skiing recently and want to invest in some fatties that can also handle the pistes. I’m about 178cm (5’10”) and 75kg (165lb).

    I’m seriously considering getting my hands on some 184 SFBs and was wondering if anyone would be able to answer a couple of questions I have.

    1. What is the flex like? I’m used to piste skis (race skis in particular) which are all very stiff and want to know how they compare. Am I gonna find they feel really floppy and limp?

    2. What are they actually like to ski on piste? I’m obviously aware of how incredible these perform off-piste and how people say they hold an edge and carve nicely on-piste (or groomers, whichever you choose to call them!), but do they REALLY actually carve nicely and responsively. I only ask as with my background, I’m used to some incredible responsiveness from my current skis.

    Any help anyone could offer would be greatly appreciated!

  2. @Marco

    As you regularly ski places with huge amounts of fresh snow – which leaves us Europeans jealous – I would alsmost consider going wider, although it will probably take some getting used to coming from a prophet 90. Think about SFB or MPO. Both lenghts 178 or 184/185 should work, as due to the rocker effective edge should not be too different from a prophet 90 in a 165. With the areas you ski I would in no event go narrower than SFB. It is very easy to ski and a good one to grow on.


    1. The flex of the SFB in a 184 – which I personally ski – is moderatly stiff by backcountry ski standards. I have mine mounted with markers barons, which adds stability under foot. They are quite stable on piste, in crud or windblown soft snow. Thye are not a big mounatin gun, but for how easy and fun they are, they can be skied fast with nice long gs turns in almost any conditions. This is due to the very balanced and even flex – line calls this simmetric flex – and low rocker profile with very long swing weight.

    2. They are the most responsive ski as regards quickness and edge transition I have ever skied in the mid fat (about 110mm) category. Again this is due to the low swing weight. Whether on hardpack, trees or in powder you can make incredibly quick maneuvers, slashes, etc..

    3. However, it appears you are looking for a ski that is quick, yet rather a charging ski if you like nordicas (and the SFB is not a charging ski, but a rather a fun ski that can charge if it has to, but is more about creativity and mixed turn shapes).

    If you do not want to ski switch, you may therefore consider the following skis, instead of the SFB:

    a) Dynastar legend pro 105. This is the ski Aurélien Ducroz won the 2011 FWT. They are well built, very strong and stable, yet nimble enough to enable for some quick turns, if you are a strong skier, which I assume with your background. However, if you want to put AT bindings on, it is quite a heavy set-up.


    b) The Line Influence 105 and 115 may be excellent choices for you. Both skis will handle groomed well and you will have to decide what width you want to go. The 105 will be easier to adjust to, coming from narrow skis, but you may realize after a season that it is nice to have some extra width. Furthermore, with your background, you should have very good and strong technique and I would say you get used to a really wide ski – 115 mm and above – within half a day to one day.


    c)Black diamond zealots. The current (blue and white modell) has a tip rocker and semi-rocker pin tail and is a bit more forgiving. The past (neon green) is one of the strongest skis in the 110 mm categroy on hardpack I can imagine, yet it is very responsive, because it does not have any metall in it and some tip rocker.

    new zealot

    old zealot


    d) If you feel you want a tip and tailrocker ski that is a bit wider, yet stable, consider the rossi super 7. Not the lightest, but more stable than the “regular” s7, due to some metall and a bit wider tail that washes out less.


    Hope this helps. There is a ton of other skis and these are just a few. I would say that the line influence 105 and 115 are best for you from your description. Just re-consider what you really want from the ski. If you consider switch and a bit of park, the SFB would come back into play again, but if this is not of concern, you make look elsewhere.

  3. I’m looking to buy some powder skis this year and I’m wondering what might be better for me. I’m interested in either the SFB or the Opus. I’m 5’10”, 150 and ski pretty hard. Right now I’m skiing Line Prophets (100 underfoot) and I plan to keep those skis for hard pack and semi-soft stuff. So I’m looking for a the ski that will perform best on a powder day and the day after a powder day.

    A ski shop near me does not carry the Opus, but they do carry the SFB. A sales guy there tried to convince me that at my height and weight the SFB would be a better powder ski for me. I want something that has a good amount of float and is also agile enough for trees. I’m leaning toward the Opus, but would the SFB be a better bet?

    Thanks for answering all these Qs! This forum has been really helpful.


  4. Hi Ben,

    I would say, if you already have a prophet 100, you have a ski that performs well on hardpack. Go with the opus, unless you seriously consider a lot of backcountry touring – in that case, with the SFB in a 184 you save about 300 grams per ski compared to the MPO in a 185.

    However, if weight is not an issue, you will have less quiver overlap with the MPO in my opinion. You are pretty light for your size, but if you ski “pretty hard” I assume you have a good technique and rocker skis are quite easy to turn and throw around.

    Therefore: go MPO in a 185. If you are still not sure, go demo the SFB and a ski that has similar dimensions to the MPO (since your local shop does not carry the mpo). Go onto some 115mm + waisted ski and see how you like it. If you like that one, you will sure like the MPO, as it is rated again and again one of the best skis in the 115 to 120 mm range this season.

  5. (bump)
    Beden looking at this ski for a long long time to fill a rolle as 1-quiver for me. I know its been said many times, that this ski is versatile and a great allround/All mnt ski.
    But Im worried about the length, as its said to ski short.
    Im 6,2″ , 170 lbs , avanced-expert skier, former skischool, ex-skater,
    (no problem throwing 360s of small features, but Im not looking to jib)

    i have a pair of 1st edition Salomon ten eighty 177 , yes 12 year old skis, which i ski at the moment, but Im fed up with the cardboard feel, and definately dont want a ski with a ‘shorter’ feel.
    I focus most of my skiing these days searching for powder, i would like to hike for lines

  6. … Damn, misclick…
    But also need a ski that works for groomed runs, since Im a family man now, and atleast once per winter the norwegian mountains will be our destination.
    In short, could anyone with first hand experience tell me of these Will be too short/ski too short for me. Since family eeconomy only allows a purchase of one pair of skis.
    I hate to comprise in this way.
    Thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Peter,
    I have over 20 days on these skis and as long as you buy the 184cm length you will be all set. From your 1080’s to these you have to remember there are a lot of differences. The major one is that the SFB is 30mm’s wider and has not only a totally different construction but the whole design process of skis have been changed greatly over 12 years. The versatility you will find on the Line Sir Francis Bacon in the 184cm length versus your 1080’s in a 177cm length is night and day. Your skis did not even have the Spaceframe technology yet and was designed more for park than skiing all mountain.

  8. Thanks alot Adam.
    Its awesome that you take the time to answer these questions. I know alot has changed since then. Ive been renting the last few years to try to get a feel for what I want. Still abit unsure whether or not I want a rockered ski.
    Your input is greatly valued.

  9. I am deciding on the 2013 bacon or the 2013 Scott Dozer… I ski pretty hard, I am 5 foot 6, 110 pounds… I ski every condition from pow to crud to groomers, don’t care too much for park but on some icy days I might head in for a run or two… I love shredding steep chutes and steep trees!!!!!! Any ideas for what ski is right for me??? 🙂

  10. You can easily go with either ski they are both a blast. One thing I really enjoyed about the Bacon is its ability to have float with out having the plow effect that you will sometimes get on deeper snow days with the Dozer. Both skis will be awesome for what you like to ski. The SFB will be just slightly more versatile.

  11. I am going to pick up a pair of the new Sir Francis Bacon’s. I just came back from Vail CO where I skied the Prophet 115’s. Conditions were 3 to 4 inches each night and plenty of powder in the woods. The 115’s actually performed great in the trees, railed on the grooomers like a GS ski but when it came to bumps, it was a tippy toe effort. These skis more likely come into there own with deeper powder. So I am drawn to the design of the new SFB’s (better in the bumps)and will be selling the 115’s.

    My delima is choosing the size. I am 6′ 173 lbs and an expert skier. The 115’s were the 179 length which I liked. I ski mostly in the east with two maybe three trips out west mostly in the CO mountains.

    Please help, SFB’s in the 178 or 184 lenght?

  12. To answer the prior question, (What exactly do you mean by the “plow effect”?)

    When you Plow powder, you are actually pushing the powder. The ski tip rises to high and promotes a plowing effect. The opposite of Plowing is Planing. When you are Planing, you are riding the powder and dispersing it. The tips on the Sir francis Bacon and Opus, do not rise as high as other skis on the market.

  13. Plow effect refers to the fact that sometimes skis with too much rocker will collect snow under the rocker and instead of flaoting on top you kind of plow through the snow.

  14. You will love the SFB in the bumps they are so easy to use, light, and fun! As for length they not only ski short but measure short. the 184cm length actually only measures 181cm so go with the 184cm as the design of the ski is such that if you bought the shorter length you would always be wanting more length. The 184cm is very easy to use and you will save a ton of weight going to the SFB from the 115.

  15. This by far is the best thread on the internet regarding the Sir Francis Bacon. Thank you Adam for all your input. I know the SFB’s will be a blast.

  16. I’ve been reading about the SFB’s for some time now and really believe this is a perfect ski for me for the terrain and type of skiing I enjoy. However, the reviews saying that they ski short does worry me. I’m 6’6” and 200lbs. 184 is fairly short for me already, but if they ski more like a 181, that would be super short. Should this be a concern for me with this ski?

    What other skis would you suggest that would be good for someone of my size. I’m looking to move to CO and can’t afford multiple skis at this point in time, but I would like to upgrade from my current skis which are Dynastar Big Trouble at 186, 92 under waist. I think they are a great ski, but I’d like something better in the pow and more nibble and lighter for trees and bumps without giving up stability and speed for the little bit of time I’m playing on groomers. Thus, from reading, the SFB’s seem to fit that profile.

    Does anyone have any recommendations for me, will the SFB’s be fine for my size and wants, or should I look to something else that will be better for me?

  17. Hi Matt,
    I really wish this ski came in a 190cm length as that would be perfect for you. Yes the ski measures short and skis short as well. The SFB woul dbe the perfect ski for you however I really feel that for your skiing ability that it would best suite you in a longer length then they currently make.

    As for other options there is the Line Opus that comes in a 192cm length and is an amazing ski as well. As for a ski that will do everything like the Bacon there are a couple of choices out there that I really did enjoy.

    2013 Liberty Helix Skis
    2013 Icelantic Nomad RKR

  18. Hey adam,
    I’m 16 years old, 5’8 1/2, weigh 130 pounds and mainly ski the east coast. I’m looking to purchase a second pair of skis for pow trips out west that I will go on at least once a year. I am thinking either the SFB’s, Line Blend, Influence 105, or Moment PB&J. I have park skis but don’t want to buy a separate pair of all mountain and pow skis. So I would like a pair of skis that will easily float in the deep stuff, charge and rip carves on groomers, and still have the agility to whip through tree runs. And if you have any suggestions for sizes that would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks, in advance!

  19. Hi Zach,
    All great ski choices. Your two best choices for what you want to do will be the PB&J and the SFB. The SFB is still my #1 choice for what you are going to be using them for and as for size you would want the 178cm length it will be the most versatile length for you for how much you weigh. You want to the ability to do it all then the Line SFB is the ski for you!

  20. Hi Adam,

    Im looking into either LP98 or SFB…

    At 180cm tall and 80kg, ive been skiing for 3yrs-so intermed advancing fast…with 15yrs snowboarding experience ontop-so guess advanced on the board where I ride fast on and off piste…trees and switch…looking to the same on skis-piste, resort powder and play inbetween ducking into tree line…with some carving and switch…poss baron bindings for an occasional hike further afield. Primarily ski chamonix or europe.

    Suggestions on which ski/binding and length welcome…

  21. Hi Steve,

    You are looking at 2 totally different skis. The Bacon is a playful freeride ski that will ski everywhere and the only place it lacks is at very high speed, but even then they are still fun. They will ski switch like a dream and is an amazing ski in the woods and even on bumped up terrain. If you find that you are looking more of a high speed cruising ski that you can also take in the woods and have fun the Prophet 98 is an awesome ski. It does however lack the playfulness of the SFB and the switch riding ability as well. As for length not sure how big you are but with the Bacon pretty much no matter your size I am going to tell you to go with the 184cm length as they ski short. The Prophet 98 key length is the 179cm unless you are over 6′ 2″ and over 200lbs then go with the 186cm length. baron will be a lot of fun on either ski.

  22. I’m 16 years old, 7 months pregnant, 5′-0 and 240 pounds. What length SFB’s do you recommend? I like doing 30′ cliff drops, pillow lines and I’m an expert skier. I plan on hitting Alaska in two weeks and I need to find a ski fast.

    I was rocking the 185 JJ’s, but I snapped them.

  23. AK sounds like the perfect place to have a baby!! Be careful of those 30′ cliffs at 7 months pregnant though… You may want something burlier like the 190cm SFB or the 185cm Opus. Both are heavier skis than the JJ and less of a chance of breaking them!

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