2012 Icelantic Keeper Skis Review

The 2012 Icelantic Keeper Skis are back unchanged except for graphic and I have no problem at all with that. The Icelantic Keeper Skis were thought to be a powder ski when they came out since they are 119mm in the waist but after skiing on them I can tell you that these skis are much more than most powder skis could ever dream of being. With a very quick turn radius and amazing edge grip even on groomers the Icelantic Keeper Skis are an eye opener for most expert skiers. With a fairly stiff flex and traditional camber Keeper skis will ski all conditions and terrain. If you are looking for something a little more forgiving for skiing bumped up terrain then you may want to consider the Line Mr. Pollard’s Opus. Overall this was an excellent ski and one that you will find yourself enjoying in more conditions then you previously thought possible.

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