2012 Volkl Mantra Ski Review

The 2012 Volkl Mantra Skis had some major changes for this season and all for the better. Now with a wider more versatile waist width of 98mm and all new tip rocker the 2012 Volkl Mantra is now in the same categroy as the Line Prophet 98 skis as far as versatility. It was lacking a little bit in previous models and we preferred the non rockered Line Prophet 100 Skis over the previous editions of the Mantra. The newer Mantra however has very similar qualities shared with that of the Line Skis and for that I thank Volkl. The new Volkl Mantra Skis can go anywhere at anytime and with confidence even on the firm days in the Northeast. The Prophet 98 has a slight edge in turn radius so if it comes down to what you like for turns it is easy if you are more of a long turn kind of skier go with the Volkl Mantra and if you enjoy something that will turn slightly more quicker edge to edge and is a little more forgiving than the Mantra go with the Line Prophet 98 skis which will also be one of the top selling skis for 2012 when all is said and done.

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