2013 Line Skis Overview Review

The 2013 Line Prophet 98 and 90 come back with an updated graphic but the same ski. The jury is still out on the 2013 graphic on the Prophet series, they look good but maybe not as strong as they have in the past. Prophet 85 is an all new Prophet that comes with the metal matrix/Capwall and the Prophet Flite is now the Prophet 85 with out metal, no metal matrix, Fibercap construction and Aspen Macroblock core instead of Maple.

The Mr. Pollard Opus gets a 192cm length and sick new Eric Pollard graphic. Sir Francis Bacon comes back unchanged except for the graphic.

The 2013 Line Influence 115 gets a Capwall construction along with a milled piece of metal instead of a metal matrix and now you will only be able to buy a 179cm, 186cm and 192cm.

The 2013 Line Chronic and Line Blend both get a total make over with the Chronic possibly having its best graphic to date. The 2013 Line Afterbang also gets a new size with a 172cm being added to the lineup. Line Skis also are reintroducing  the Line Anthem as the Line Travelling Circus Ski. No changes from the original Anthem. People have been asking for it and so now it is back!

The women’s line gets new ski called the Soulmate which is replacing the Celebrity 100. It is 98 in the waist and is the women’s version of the Prophet 98. Not a typical Line’s women’s graphic on the Line Soulmate and so far it has been really well received. A new ski called the Celebrity 85 has been added to the line with a 85mm waist with no metal.

As for the junior line there is now a 165cm length in the Sir Francis Bacon Shorty and a 100cm and 143cm lengths in the Super Hero and Snow Angel.

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  1. Just thought I’d share this report from SIA I found that summarizes Line’s 2012-2013 quiver, including photos of the new graphics.

  2. Hi Adam – am looking at a powder ski for my wife (Int-Advanced) and was thinking of the Line Celebrity. She needs easy turning in the pow but needs to be stable.

    Also needs to be great on the groomers as a 1 ski quiver.

    Is this the right option or would the Soulmate be better? Or any other better options you could think of?

    Thanks again

  3. Hello,
    I would say for her ability and what she is looking for to go with the Line Celebrity 90. It is going ot be a more forgiving one ski quiver ski fr her. If she is a more advanced skier and is constantly seeking for powder more than groomers then go with the Celeb 100 or the new Soulmate Ski. Both skis are going to be excellent for her it just depends on where she is going to spend most of her time.

  4. Which ones would you like me to compare them to? The KF is a great ski. Versatile, but more jibby than most of the Lines. It really depends on what you are looking for the ski to do.

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