2012 Volkl Kuro Skis Review

The 2012 Volkl Kuro Skis are an excellent powder ski for any intermediate to expert level skier. The 2012 Volkl Kuro is an easy skiing ski even though it is a 132mm in the waist. In powder the ski feels like a couch in thatthey are just comfortable to be on and will turn in tight areas with very little effort at all. The big surprise is on groomers they actually will turn very well and not only will they get you back to the lift they are fun to go out and crank out some mega huge arcs with. If you want an awesome set up get them with the Marker Griffon/Jester binding and if you plan on doing any slack country then get them with the Marker Baron/Duke Binding. With the Duke/Baron they actually have more versatility on groomers as they stiffen the ski up slightly under foot give you some lift and help you rail those things on edge. If you are looking for a more aggressive powder ski this is not your best option. If you want Big Mountain then look at the Blizzard Cochise or the Line Prophet 130 along with other skis such as the K2 Sidestash and Moment Bibby Pro Special.

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