2013 Icelantic Skis Review

I will be testing out 2013 Icelantic Skis this weekend. What skis are you most interested in hearing about? Very excited to get out on Icelantic Skis again they really do a great job with their skis. Hopefully they will be bringing some longer lengths to test out. I was able to test just about everything from Icelantic so if you have a question on a specific model please let me know and I will try and answer for you in a timely manor.

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  1. Not interested that much in Icelantic, which is mainly due to the reason that I only know of one ski resort that carries them in the Alps.

    However, should you have any chance to test the new 4frnt Hoji in a 187 anytime this season, I would be really thankful for your feedback. It is quite different from everything I generally ski and like to ski, but I somehow feel that this might be an incredible ski for huge and gnarly terrain…


    PS: I just skied the coreupt slasher the other day – current version, but they will only make changes to the graphic. Dim 131/112/128, R 20 m @ 187. Intersting alternative for anyone looking for an allterrain directional shredstick. Huge tip rocker – think JJ or Bent Chetler with the same gradual rise, i.e. no extra “kink” in the tip – and mellow tail rocker. Quite stiff under foot, good carver, good floater, good stompability. Light and playful, but too directional for a serious backcountry freestyle weapon. More a “ride” ski. Designed by Richard Permin btw.

  2. I am interested in hearing your review on the Nomad and how it compares to the Line Influence 105.I have been riding Prophet 100 186cm for several years now and I think this is a great ski but its time for a new ski with some rocker.

  3. Byron,
    Nomad is a lighter ski than your Prophet 100. If you are looking for a light playful ski with rocker in that 105mm range then you may want to look at the Liberty Helix Skis. Had a chance to ride those this weekend and was very impressed at how fast that ski could go when on groomers yet how easily it would ski through the woods with no effort at all. Influence 105 compared to both the Helix and Nomad is a stiffer groomer oriented ski first then off trail machine. It is a heavier ski built for speed and plowing through heavy crud in the Spring. The Prophet 98 now has tip rocker and the flex is stiffer than your Prophet 100 as well. It is a great ski and if you really enjoyed them you may want to go with the Influence 105 ski, but if you are looking for something more playful you should not only look at the Liberty Helix, Icelantic Nomad but also the Line Sir Francis Bacon as well. What about your Prophet 100 did you like and dislike and I will help you choose what is right for you based on that.


  4. You will see more distribution of Icelantic Skis in the Alps soon. They are a US company that not only is from Colorado, they are still making their skis in Colorado. With a 2 year warranty and some of the strongest skis in the industry these are almost impossible to destroy. In the last 2 years they have had 2 warranty issues, one was a pro athlete who feel off a cliff band and destroyed a ski and the other was run over by a snow cat and they felt so bad for the guy they helped him out. Icelantic just announced a larger distribution across Europe as demand has been asking for it. They have been getting excellent reviews ands picking up some big name skiers as well. Icelantic really does an amazing job with their skis and the most amazing thing is not how light their skis are but how well they perform at high speeds for how light they are.

    As for the 4FRNT Hoji I had a friend that was able to test them and he loved them in deep steep gnarly terrain, however he said on anything but they were way to much work and not a versatile quiver like ski. More of a Big Mountain specific ski for skiers with one purpose. Big, steep, fast turns in powder.

    I had heard the same thing on the slasher that it was a great ski but lacked the switch capabilities of some other skis in that category. I am interested to see what the new Sean Pettit K2 Pro Model ski is like. Hopefully will find out in March.

  5. Hi Adam,

    Thank you again for your feedback. I have found something on the Hoji that is very much in line with your friend’s impressions (see link below). It therefore appears that for us Europeans who are not blessed with consistent snowfalls, this is not an everyday tool and limited to soft snow skiing.

    I will follow up on your comments regarding the Icelantic skis shortly.

    After huge snowfalls in January and early February, which I have enjoyed, the 2nd and 3rd week of February has been so cold in Europe that most resorts were closed (minsu 30 to minus 40 degrees celsius at 2000 meters above sea level) and I will not be back onto my skis before the first March weekend. More and more shops now get the demo stuff and I am more than excited. I will post you something on the skis that I want to test aand are interested in in the 110 to 120mm range.


  6. You are welcome. The link is the review from one of my best friends that I grew up skiing with :)!! Keep me up to date as to what you want tested and I will see what I can do. Trying to get GoPro footage however most of what I am getting is groomer footage and even the tree footage is firm and no powder, but may give people an idea of how the skis will perform on groomers which is not a bad thing.

  7. Hi Adam,

    here are the skis I am particularly interested in. As I am now a more than happy owner of 184 line SFBs I thought let’s have a look at more directional shred sticks.

    1. 4frnt Cody in a 186cm: to me it looks like a better balanced Armada TST, which I liked, but found it needed some getting used to with the huge tipr rocker and no rocker in the tail. However, I wish the Cody was wider than 102 in the waist, more like 108 to 110.


    2. Armada Norwalk: the big brother of the TST, with 116 mm in the waist in the 189 length. Interesting, but I wish they had blended both skis with a ski that has a 110 to 112 mm waist (think salomon czar or black diamond zealot). Armada has a bit of a quiver overlap now with the JJ, AK JJ, Magic J and Norwalk. Moreover, Movement – a swiss ski company – has a ski called the super turbo, which is quite similar already (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XX-uHtnoh-o).


    3. Atomic Automatic: long awaited blend between the bent chetler and the atlas. Yet, some testers write that the tip is so tapered – it feels weird.


    4. Coreupt slasher: I have been riding this years modell in a 187 and liked it a lot. Great float, gooad carving stability and nice pop. It apperas it comes back unchanged only with a – imo – much better graphic.


    5. Coreupt banger 110 (see also link above). For those who are looking for a ski with more switch capability than the slasher, this may be the answer. Similar dimensions and rocker profile in the tip, but more tail rocker.

    6. Icelantic seeker: tip rocker and flat tail. Looks a bit like the atomic atlas in a 182 from the dimensions.


    7. 2013 line influence 115 in a 186: I am sure this is going to be one of he best selling big mountain skis next season and you will shred these as soon as you get your hands on them and provide us with one of your very good and much appreciated reviews. No further comments, this ski should be a “no brainer”.

  8. I will hopefully have reviews of the Norwalk, Automatic, Seeker, and Influence 115 (Yes this is a “no brainer” big mountain ski) and the Influence 115 is blast even all mountain!

  9. I skied this last weekend and it was a blast along with the 108 and the 90 as well. Hopefully can get some more reviews up this week! Salomon has one of their best freeride line ups that I have seen since they had the Salomon 1080 Spaceframe and Pocket Rocket. They really thought outside of the box for them and came out with some great skis again.

  10. Awesome!! Yeah you have every reason to be excited about this ski it really skis everything well and I know from owning the Prophet 115 that the new Influence 115 is even more versatile for big mountain use!

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