2018 Blizzard Bonafide Skis Review (New Shape!!)

'18 Blizzard Bonafide All Mountain Freeride Skis

Skis: 2018 Blizzard Bonafide Review

Dimensions: 135-98-119
Turn Radius: 18m @ 180cm

Length: 180cm

Actual Length: 180cm

Weight: 8.1lbs/3674.1g (pair)

Binding Used: Marker Griffon Demo

Bonafide Ski Review:

The 2018 Blizzard Bonafide was a pleasant surprise for the 2018 ski testing that I did. Blizzard quietly changed the Bonafide slightly and why they did not make a bigger deal of it I do not know as the changes, although subtle, make a huge impact on the maneuverability   of the ski. The older Bonafide’s are great skis, especially if you are an ex racer looking for a hard charging GS ski that is a bit wider. If you like that more race like feel you may want to find an older model, but if you want something that can make any style turn you want it to the all new 2018 Bonafide is the way to go.

The new 2018 Bonafide has a slightly wider tip and tail making for a quicker turning ski than the older model. A change for myself that I very much enjoyed and made for a better All Mountain more user friendly experience. Don’t get me wrong you can still charge on the new Bonafide, but it is now just easier to make quicker and more medium range turns than it was before. Stability has never been an issue with the Bonafide and even with the changes made to the ski it is not an issue.

After skiing the Bonafide in multiple snow conditions I really found that this could make for a great one ski quiver ski if you find yourself split between charging groomers and searching for the goods on snowy days. East to West Coast this ski offers enough versatility to ski anywhere in the world.

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