2018 Line Mordecai Freeride Skis Review

'18 Line Mordecai Eric Pollard Freeride Powder Skis

Skis: 2018 Line Mordecai

Size: 186cm

Actual Length:

Weight: 9lbs/4082g (pair)

Binding Used: Tyrolia Attack 13

Dimensions:  Dimensions: 141-114-138
Turn Radius: 17m

Mounted: Factory -21mm (from Center)

Line Mordecai Skis Review:

The 2018 Line Mordecai Skis got a good work out in Jackson Hole, WY in early April with almost every condition possible. Didn’t take long to realize that although the Mordecai is light it certainly is not soft. The Cloud Core Technology makes the skis light yet nimble and stable. Had these skis at cruising speed and they never thought about chattering even at higher speeds. With a 17m turn radius along with tip and tail rocker and taper these skis would make both quick and long turns with ease and for being fairly stiff underfoot they also did very well in bumped up terrain.

Was  able to get a full day with 14″ of fresh snow beyond the gate and no crowds to track it up. What a dream it was to have a ski with the perfect width at 114mm and lightness for my legs to be able to handle skiing the amount of vertical  all day. The great thing about testing in Jackson in the Spring is that you can have just about every condition possible with in the same run. The Mordecai was certainly right at home in every fresh snow condition I hit. Top of the mountain had light snow and the tip really had no issues with diving and like most Pollard Skis you want to have a more centered stance rather than to far forward. You do not need to drive this ski at all it does most of the work for you. Lower top of the mountain I hit more wind slabbed snow and again was able to bust through it as the Mordecai has plenty of rigidity to hammer through when the snow gets heavy which I was very thankful for as I moved down the mountain the snow had taken on sun and light rain and made for super heavy skiing. As long as you had waxed knowing you were going to have a little of everything the heavy and slush bumps were quite fun to play in.

In summary, I would highly recommend the 2018 Line Mordecai Skis as they are one of the most versatile skis that Pollard has ever designed. The biggest surprise about this ski is how fun it was to charge on a groomer day that never quite corned up like we were hoping. If you do get corn and have these skis get ready to feel like  a hero though as they are amazing. Skis took no effort in corn and skied 40’000 vert and legs never felt tired at all. If you want to surf or slash the corn that was the most effortless, if you wanted to carve it you could do that and if you wanted to charge it down the hill it was super stable at 60 mph no problem.

Pick length for this ski for me was the 186cm length and for 90% of the people out there that will most likely be the size they will want as well. The 179cm I would suggest for someone under 5’5″ and 160lbs they could do the 179cm, but if you are more than that and an expert skier I would suggest the 186cm length. The 193cm will be a great fit for big mountain guys or guys larger than 5’11 and 195lbs.

4 Replies to “2018 Line Mordecai Freeride Skis Review”

  1. Righto then – really good review thanks . .just about to score a pair and wasn’t sure what size to get – but 186 it is….

  2. Great review!
    Do you know how these compare to the old Mr Pollard’s Opus? These have been my go-to for a few years, but sometimes I feel as though I could easily get away with something narrower. I’m 5’8” and about 160 pounds and ride the Opus’ in the 178, so I was thinking about the 179s but I’m open to suggestions.

  3. If you ride the orginal MPO in the 178cm thne you would have no issues with the Mordecai in the 179cm length. Love how light they are and more stable as well at higher speed. You can get away with a little but more narrow with this design.

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