2010 Ski Equipment Rumored To Be On Its Way!!

Rumor has it from a reliable online ski shop that K2 is about to release some of their 2010 K2 Skis to a few select online shops for summer sales. The important skis that will be released early are the K2 Hell Bent, Obsethed, Kung Fujas, and many other of the factory team skis including the all new EXT. With new technology coming out every year it will be fun when some of the other companies out there can catch up to what K2, Line and Armada are doing to progress not only the sport, but also the technology being used in skis. We have Eric Pollard to thank for much of what has happened in the rockered/wide ski movement of the past few years. How many people thought 5 years ago that you could be skiing a ski that was 110mm+ in the waist as an everyday East Coast Ski. Most shops 5 years ago even out West had never even seen a ski that was 110mm in the waist. It will be interesting to see where it goes, but for now lets just enjoy the ride as the skis being made today and tomorrow are the most fun and versatile that we have ever seen.


With wind predicted to be around <15mph and temps in the high 50’s on Tuesday it wasn’t a hard decision to make when someone asked if I wanted to head to Tuck’s. We arrived around 10am and reached the bowl by noon. Conditions were epic and the atmosphere was euphoric. After a run we hung out for a bit on lunch rocks in nothing but our t-shirts, snow-pants and socks. Coverage was excellent, though avy dangers are increasing. Sherbourne was closed about 3/4 of the way down.

Sugarloaf receives 3 feet of snow in freak storm

Last night, as April graced us with its presence, a freak storm dropped around 38 inches of snow on Sugarloaf. No surrounding mountain received snow, as this was a storm system which seemed to form and remain over Sugarloaf. Better get there before it melts!

Taste of spring…

It’s been warm lately… The skiing has been soft and spring like. It was awesome. But are you ready? We were all enjoying the sun, the atmosphere, the packed deck at the widomaker, but I couldn’t help but think how nice another big storm would be. Who is ready for spring? Who isn’t? Leave some thoughts in the comment field, I’d like to see what others think.

Jay Peak and a 6 hour road trip

So even though there was more snow projected locally, we figured why not go on a road trip? As it was dumping snow we packed the car and skipped town around 8:30pm. Our goal was to reach Jay Peak, normally a 3.5 hour drive. By the time we were getting close to Sunday River, usually about an hour from where we had started in Farmington, we were debating whether or not to pull in and cut our losses. The streets were barely plowed and the snow was coming down so hard visibility was near 0. But, we kept on going and Ross’s jeep cherokee, with a 6 inch lift and somewhere around 32" tires took it on like a champ. We had packed tents, but when we finally arrived at Jay Peak around 3am no one had the energy to set them up in the howling blizzard. Continue reading “Jay Peak and a 6 hour road trip”

Downtown Showdown Feb 14

Downtown Showdown

The first ever Downtown Showdown will be taking place this Saturday, Feb 14, at Monument Square in Portland Maine. The event will showcase 16 skiers and 16 riders that make up some of the East Coast’s best talent. Competitors will test their skills on a 3 rail staircase that has been custom built with a two-story in-run. The event is hosted by Sunday River and Sugarloaf with over $5,000 in cash prizes and should turn out to be one of the best freeskiing events on the East Coast this year. So, head on out to Monument Square this Saturday and check out the Downtown Showdown! I’ll be sitting at the Judges table, stop by and say hi! For all of you of age join the masses as we hit the Old Port after the event.



It’s coming down hard outside here in Farmington and tomorrow is shaping up to be an EPIC pow day! I hope you’ve been saving those sick days because tomorrow is definitely the day to come down with the mysterious 24 hour flu! Head up to the mountain tonight and grab first chair in the morning, it’ll be worth it with over 2 feet predicted here in Maine!

On another note, a late update on our Mad River Glen trip the other weekend. If you’re getting bored with the glades at your home mountain, get to Mad River because this place has some of the gnarliest tree skiing I’ve ever seen on the East! Find some locals willing to show you around and you won’t be disappointed. Not to mention, if the snow is right, plenty of cliff drops that will get the heart rate going good.

Burlington, VT

So I’m chillin down here in Burlington, stoked on a day at Mad River tomorrow and I just have to say, if you want a ski town, Burlington is the place. Wear the beenie out in Portland and you get some funny looks, wear the beenie out here and your’s won’t be the coolest. The art and creativity in this town is off the hook. Get to Burlington, VT and do some skiing/partying! This place is awesome. I’ll let you know how the snow at Mad River is!


Wish You Were Here

1/10/09 marked Sugarloaf’s second rail jam named "Wish you were here" rail jam. I was lucky enough to judge the skiers competition and I was rewarded with one of the most technical and stylish rail jams Sugarloaf has ever hosted. It was a cold night but there was a lot of action from both the skiers and snowboarders. The winners of the jam would be awarded a spot in the Downtown Showdown in Portland on February 14th. The winner on the skier side side was Tyler Shores and on the snowboarder side was Benjamin Bisson of CVA. Good Job to everyone who competed and good luck Bisson and Shores in the Downtown Showdown. For those interested in this event check out:


for photos and video from the Wish You Were Here Rail Jam: