2012 Line EP Opus Ski Review

Most versatile pair of skis I have ever owned is the all new 2012 Line EP Opus skis. The Line EP Opus skis does whatever you want the ski to do in any conditions and terrain. With the float of the EP Pro and the maneuverability of the Sir Francis Bacon the Line EP Opus skis are the ultimate one ski quiver ski. Although the ski is narrower than the EP Pro it still has amazing float thanks to where the Early Taper and Early rise have been located. Eric Pollard designed these skis as his masterpiece and as someone who has not only skied every ski that Pollard has designed but also has been skiing with the man himself  he has combined all the best of his creations into this one ski. If you are looking for an excellent AT ski but don’t want the waist width of the Opus then I would suggest the Sir Francis Bacon.

If you are looking for a ski to help you poach your favorite places then this is my weapon of choice. It will ski the deepest of powder with ease while attacking the windblown snow with very little effort. 2 places the EP Opus excels in where many others in this 115mm+ waist category does not is on the groomers and bumps/moguls. I was able to make full pull bump runs with very little effort or adjustment. When it came to skiing glades there was no other ski I would rather be on than the Opus. If you are charging hard and enjoy a stiffer ski than you would want the Prophet 115 or Influence 115, but if you enjoy a ski with tons of playful energy and one that just enjoys everything in front of you then the Line EP Opus is a ski that you really should not pass by with out buying. It looks like untracked.com or Al’s Ski Barn has these in stock right no and ready to sell!!

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  1. I’m looking for a powder ski to use at snowbird/alta. I already have a pair of prophet100s. I was thing of this ski, the jj or moment night trains. What would be best? 5’7 175lb advanced skier. thanks

  2. Once you get on the ep opus you may never go back to your Propht 100’s. If you want something stiffer then go with the Line Prophet 115 or Influence 115 Skis. The 185cm EP Opus for where you are would be a great choice.

  3. Amazingly very well. With the all new Capwall design and amazing Early Rise the Mr. Pollards Opus will carve on ice with no problems at all. I skied this ski all spring in every condition imaginable and did not find anything that they did not carve in. If you are looking for a one ski quiver ski but the 118mm waist has you a little taken back then go with the LINE Sir Francis Bacon, but if you enjoy wider skis already you will love the feel and stability of the Mr. Pollard Opus at higher speeds even on regular groomed slopes.

  4. Hi Adam,
    I’m seriously thinking of pulling the trigger on these skis. I’m still a bit confused as to whether I should get the EP Opus or Atomic Bent Chetler or Armada JJ. I’m looking for a pair of skis that I can do countless turns on both the groomers and in deep powder and crud.
    I’m about 5’10”, 178 lbs and the main thing I’m looking for is a pair of powder skis with versatility and turn ability.
    From what I have been reading, these ski really well on groomers perhaps the best out of all the other skis in the same category.
    One concern I have is that I wonder how long it would take me to get used to a wide waist (118). My current skis are 192 height and 70 mm waist with a turn radius of 20.
    Given I’m used to skiing long skis, would going from 192 to 185 cm make up for going wider in the waist (from 70 to 118). Please let me know, I really value and appreciate your feedback

  5. Hello,
    It will take no time at all to get used of the wider waist of the POpus they ski like a narrow ski even though they are 118mm in the waist. With a wider ski you can go shorter so the 185cm would be perfect for you because you gain the surface area in waist width. As far as the JJ and Bentchetler those would be harder skis to get used to than the Mr Pollard Opus will be because of the design of the Opus. The Bentchetler and JJ ar awesome skis but from what you are coming off of and what you are looking for in a ski I would have to say stay with the Opus as that is going to be the most versatile ski with out question.

  6. Thanks a lot for your prompt reply Adam. You’re awesome! You just made me finalized my decision. Opus it is! I actually read about the Rossignol S7 but based on what you told me, Opus would still be the better option than S7, no?
    Anyhow, thanks a lot again. I really needed help from someone who had been on these skis and given that it’s early September and not that many people had been on these skis, I was having a difficult time finding reliable feedback.
    I’m thinking of getting the Look Pivot 14 bindings on them or should I get the Rossignol FKS 140?
    Please let me know. Thanks a lot again

  7. No worries at all that is what I am here for. S7 is fun in soft snow but the tail is so narrow that the first 3/4 of a turn on groomers is great but as soon as you get to the end of the turn the tail wants to wash out. Fun ski for powder but not a one ski quiver ski by any means. If you enjoy the Pivot bindings stya with them they work really well and they are very solid binidngs. I have been using Jesters on my and really enjoy that binding but have long been a fan of the turntable Rossi/Look Bindings. Either the Pivot or the FKS 14 are perfect and they are the same bindings with different graphics. For getting skis and bindings check out al’s ski barn as they will mount and ship them for free.

  8. Only other binding I would suggest is the Marker Jester and I wouldnt say that binding is better I would just say that the I know the Jester skis very well on the Opus but I also know the Pivot 14 will also ski very well on that ski.

  9. Thanks a lot Adam. I’ll definitely check out the site. I really appreciate your help. I’m stoked about these skis! Thanks man

  10. Adam, where do you recommend for mounting? My friend who knows a lot more about these things than me told me to mount the bindings at the midsole mark on the ski which is about -2 cm off the actual center of the skis. What do you think boss? Where do you recommend?

  11. 100% correct!! Mount them at Line’s recomended position which is just Mid Sole. Line has a history of only putting one mounting point on their skis because they have found the best mark that the ski skis and only marks that spot. I loved mine mounted in that position and you will as well!

  12. I have to explain the question obove i am 180cm for 75kg, and i have the armada jj185 first edition,and i am not that satisfied with them they ski perfect in fresh powder but the next day they are not good in crowd. How does the opus compare too armada jj and moment bibby 190?

  13. Hello,
    Measurement is a tricky thing. Like the JJ they measure aound 183cm in length. However they have much more effective edge than the JJ which makes them MUCH more versatile when in crud and on groomers than the JJ which skiss incredibly short an is not as stable as the Mr. pollard Opus in the 185cm length. Moment Bibby is sttiffer than both of these skis and is best for hard charing all the time.

  14. Need some help here. I live in the east, ski about 50 days a year and spread my time between Tremblant, Vermont and Ontario. I spend most of my time in the trees and skiing crud. I usually get out to Banff / Whistler three of four times a year. I’m six foot and 210 lbs. So the question is do I go with the Opus or SFB, or do they ski so different I should consider getting both (the wife doesn’t like this idea). My biggest concern is that on many days we have decent snow in the mornings but it gets pretty tracked out before lunch and I’m a little worried the Opus could be a little too much ski in the afternoon. What’s your thoughts.


  15. Depends greatly on your skiing style but if you are looking for one ski to do it all then I would suggest going to the Bacon, it is incredible versatile. I personally love the Opus for my skiing style but I could see in the afternoon chop where it is going to be a little bit more work than that of the Bacon would be. I typically ski the same conditions as you and I used the Opus as my everyday ski, I have also been skiing a ski 110+ for 5 years now so I am also use to the wider width as an everyday ski. If you are an avid wide ski user then go with the Opus if you have been skiing 90 or less then I would say stick with the Bacon as it may be more versatile for you.

  16. Hey Adam – I have a pair of Nordica Hellboys from a couple of years back. I have enjoyed them quite a bit but I want to get something a little wider. I live out in Oregon and usually get in 30-40 days a year. What are the big differences between the Line Influence 115 and the Opus? Suggestions?

  17. BIG differences between the two skis. Influence 115 first off has metal and is mounted much further back than the Opus. If you enjoy a stiffer ski which coming off the Nordica it sounds like you do I would almost suggest the Influence 115 or last years Prophet 115. It still has a forgiving flex to it even with the metal. If you are looking for an all mountain ski that destroys groomers and does great in deeper snow the Influence is where you want to go. If you want a more playful ski that will spend most of the time in the trees and exploring while still being able to hold its own on groomers and at high speeds the Opus should be your direction. You really can not go wrong with either ski it really just comes down to what you are looking at in a ski. I own both skis and us the 115 as my AT ski and tje Opus as my everyday ski. Opus is more of my style is it is playful, but on days I really want to charge hard and I dont know what the conditions are going to be like I take out my 115’s. Hope this was helpful.


  18. Hi Adam-
    I’m coming from some K2 Xplorers (’09) and finally getting a proper ski this year, most likely the Opus! My K2s are 177cm which are my proper length for a fully cambered stiff ski, but should I be going with 185 on the Opus? I’m 5’10”, 175lbs, advanced but nowhere near expert. Thanks for your help!

  19. Adam, Great post you got here man!!
    So like the others, I too am looking at the opus’. I actually have them on layaway already. My question(s) is this: Coming from a 170 Gotama and living in the Pac NW, will the opus be a good all mountain ski with the ability to boost airs and jibs? I know it’s great in the pow but I am concerned that it wont be as playful as I would like. I plan to keep the Goats in my quiver so I guess I could always use those for time I want to ride freestyle. So in your opinion could the Opus be a go-to all mtn ski for those who are air minded?
    Thanks bro!

  20. Adam, it seems you know your stuff quite well with Line skis, so i guess there will be no other person i would turn to with a question i have…
    I am looking at purchasing Line Prophet 115, i am 6.3 weighting 190lbs… Advanced skier, like the trees very much, big jumps, but also charging hard very often when the conditions allow… I am looking at some sets of bindings, such as the Tyrolia Peak 18 (2009/2010 model), but i really have no clue what would be the best mounting point.
    So two questions: 1. Based on the data i presented u, is this a good ski for me, and 2. what should a choose for a mounting point for my skis?
    Thank you very much


  21. Hey Adam great review.
    I used to ski the 2010 Bacons that had full positive camber and loved them but in a 182cm I found them to be a hair long in the trees and in tight spaces. Im 5’6″ and I only weigh 140lbs and am definitely going to get a pair of the opus but I just wanted to get your opinion on how much shorter the 178s will feel and ski. I’m a strong skier and I’m scared it might be a little short. I love to play around and jib on the hill but still want a ski that can handle some speed and charging at times. I also like long walks on the beach…haha kidding!
    Thanks for the help.

  22. It really depends on what you are looking for. If you want something for tighter terrain and obstacles then go with the 178cm, if you are not worried about tighter areas son’t be afraid of the 185cm length in this ski as they ski so easily. The rocker does make them feel like they ski short.

  23. Thanks! Great ski to be looking at for sure. You will find the Opus so much more energetic than your Gotama which were a great ski and one that I enjoyed a lot but the Opus was designed with backcountry freestyle in mind so the that is an easy question. You want to boost big airs and have one ski that will not only destroy the mountain but the natural features as well the Opus is the ski for you. Eric designed this ski to be his Backcountry freestyle ski that took over where the previous Bacon was.

  24. Thanks very much appreciated! If you want a ski that can handle areas such as JH, Crystal, Mammoth, Alta/Snowbird, Vail etc then you are look at the right ski in the Line Prophet 115, I have this ski mlounted with a Baron and I love them for my hard charging ski when I want to go fast and drop some moderate cliffs with out the ski just folding in half. The Early Rise on the ski allows you to make whatever turn shape you want and you can turn on a dime in the trees. Peak 18 would be a sick binding on that ski and as far as mounting point goes on that ski I really enjoyed it mounted right on the Factory setting. It truly is the sweet spot fo the ski.

  25. Thanks Kyle very for the kind words and for reading my review on the Line Mr. Pollard Opus Skis. That is a tough question as the Bacon was really about a 179cm length ski and the new Opus is about 182cm or so, but they do turn very quickly, about as quick as the Bacon did even though it is a little wider. As for length it really depends on what you want. The 178cm measure about 176cm so about 3cm’s shorter than your current Bacon skis. If you weighed abother 20 or 30lbs I would easily say go with the 185cm length, but at 140lbs you can easily get a way with the 178cm length espically if you are going to be using them in tighter areas. If you are not going to be searching out steep tight terrain then go longer but if you are then go with the 178cm length. I weigh about 190lbs and even at high speeds never once had an issue with the ski not being stable!

    Who doesn’t like long walks on the beach!


  26. Adam, great info for sure, thank you! … But here is my dilemma, I would buy the ski based on everything I’ve read about how great the Opus is, and more on your comments for sure, but when I flex the ski in the shop it seems WAY way soft? I’m not quite getting how this ski will do well in the blown out crud and on groomers. That being said I am looking for a ski I can ski in everything but mostly want it to be super fun in the bowls, faces, and tight tress on pow days. I have been looking at the Solomon Rocker 2 but that ski seems too stiff under foot and too soft tip and tail, and the JJ seems a little too newskooler for me … And besides my 15 year old will be skiing the JJ and wouldn’t let me ski the same ski anyway 🙂 … If you tell me it wont be too soft once the powder is blown up at noon, I will give it a try …. Thanks

  27. 10 years ago I would have said that flex was important, however in the newer skis flexing a ski does not determine as much as it use to. If you were 250lbs I would say get something stiffer, but from the looks of it you want something playful and the Opus is certainly a playful ski and will easily plow through crud. It skis much beefier than it looks and it is much stiffer than previous Eric Pollard Pro Model Skis. Salomon Rocker 2 is a totally different story, that ski was to stiff for its own good and unles syou are in deep snow it was to much work when you got into chop and groomers.

  28. Hi Adam, thx a lot for this nice review and that you share your expertise with us.
    I am a telemarker and I am highly interested in the Opus as a ski for powder days.
    I would describe myself as an expert skier who likes to ski aggressive (173cm->5’ 8.5’’, 76kg-> 167lbs). I I ski in the woods, on open slopes, and in rocky alpine area.
    As an alternative ski I am considering the Atomic Alaska (not only for patriotic reasons 🙂 ).
    Do you telemark as well or do you know anybody who telemarks the Opus? I would be very interested how it telemarks!
    Thanks a lot and hope for good powder, Franz

  29. I have limited experience with tele, however I do ski with a ton of tele skiers and will be doing more of it in the future is my plan. Most of my friends that saw me on the Opus really wanted to try them out as a tele as it was everything they were looking for in a freeride tele ski. Atomic Alaska has been a great ski as it is lightweight. The Opus with its new rocker design was so incredibly versatile in all types of snow that it is really hard to sell against it. I have some friends that are using the new Bacon for tele and they are killing it everywhere on the hill, they enjoy them for patrolling as well and runing sleds. Many of them are thinking of going to the Opus for this season.

  30. Hey Adam,

    I just got a pair of the EP Opus, 185 and I’m planning on mounting them up Tele w/ a set of 22 Designs AXL bindings. Any chance you could inquire of the folks you mention above about where they’ve mounted tele bindings on the Bacons and what they might recommend for the Opus?


  31. Just picked up my new Line 185 Opus’ … for anyone concerned with where to mount go with a Marker Schizo. I went with the Marker Jester Schizo so that I can adjust the mount back a bit from midsole on DEEEEEP days.

  32. Hi MTC,
    You are going to love your AXL Bindings they are super beefy and it is the same binding that many of my friends use. As for mounting he went further forward than a traditional tele ski mount. He said he mounted them about 2cm’s back from the suggest Alpine Mark on the ski and it was perfect. I would suggest the same for the Opus.


  33. Not much need to mount a Schizo on this ski as the mark on the ski is pretty perfect for powder and you certainly don’t need the +3cm’s which woul dput you ahead of center on that ski. You could use a Demo binding so you have some adjustment but I think you will find the factory mark to ski the best on that ski.

  34. Adam, I have to say how impressed I am with your answers and your professionalism. I just bought two pair MPOs for my son and myself – we were looking at them a little weirdly in terms of where the bindings were mounted and happily, we came across your blog and you’ve already answered all our questions! We’ve been Line skiers for years, always happy. My son is 16, 6′, 156 lbs and an alpine ski racer in Vermont – total days on the hill over 150/year including some fun stuff with powder boards – Iceland, Chile, etc. He went with the 185s. I’m 49, 5’10”, 157 lbs and get in 100+ days/year – lots of backcountry in Vermont but also BC, Japan, Austria, etc. I was on the fence but went with the 178s – I’m not the skier my son is (hardly) but I do some steep/tight stuff in addition to blasting pow, so it didn’t seem like a huge trade-off for a little extra maneuverability for my old joints; maybe I’m wrong. Please let me know if you think I got that wrong. We got both set up with 2012 Dukes and G3 skins – sweet!! Thanks again,

  35. Thanks for the wonderful comments. You guys are going to have so much fun on those skis and I am glad that I was able to answer your questions with the Blog. The -2cm is the perfect mounting point on that ski and I would not want it anywhere else on that ski. It has amazing stability on steep terrain and when you get in powder you will be amazed at how the whole ski floats in the powder and it does not get the plowing effect at all that you get with a ski that has extreme rocker in it. For your size you will not lose anything by going to the 178cm length so don’t lose any sleep over that you will be able to get around in those tight areas no problem at all. Great set up with the new Dukes and G3 Skins!!

    Happy Thanksgiving,

  36. Adam, thanks, you too! First day of lift service in Stowe today, coincident with a foot of fresh so we’re really amped! Looking forward to taking the new MPO’s to Hokkaido in early Jan….hope the locals like the bases! Happy Thanksgiving,

  37. Hi Adam,

    Just bought the Opus and am a bit confused about where you’re saying to mount tele bindings. I understand you to have said to mount them -2cm from the suggested Alpine binding spot marked on the skis. Is this the same as saying -2cm from the midpoint or center of the skis? Thanks for your help.

  38. Hi again Adam,

    A short addendum to my last query. The mounting line on the Opus seems far more forward than the FB, yet you are suggesting minus 2 cm behind the line for tele bindings on both skis, correct?
    Is this true for the Opus even if you’re not skiing switch, or should it be back still further? Also, is there some advantage to the mounting on the Opus being so far forward? Thanks again. Anne

  39. Adam,

    Thank you for all the great info. So here is my situation. I am 50, 5′ 11 and weigh 175 lbs. I used to be a very strong skier. I like to go fast, all over and hit the bumps. That said, I haven”t skied in 5 years. I am heading out to ski Park City in December and want to pick up some new skis. I was thinking the Opus in the 178 size would’ve ideal. I will be mainly on Blue runs. iLife out east and also want a ski that can ski well there. So basically, I was thinking the Opus might be perfect – all snow, all terrain and relatively easy to ski in the shorter size. Does this make sense from your view?


  40. Glad you were able to enjoy! I too hope the locals there enjoy the bases… I have a feeling they will embrace it once they get on the ski and enjoy it for what the ski is.

  41. Hi Anne,
    Both are great questions and the mounting point on the Opus is so far forward (-2cm from center) because of the design and combination of the rocker and reverse sidecut where the wider part of the ski is further back from the tip. Same goes for the tail so you want to make sure you don’t mount to far back on the skis like a traditional tele mount would put you. It really comes down to what you enjoy but if you are very centered on tele then you want to be only a couple cm’s behind the MidPoint of ski which is about 4cms from Center. Actual mounting for alpine mount is -2cm’s and most skiers are going about 2cm’s back of this as they want a little more tip. You can ski it at traditional tele especially if you are not center all the time using tele then you certaily want to go back as you dont want too much tail either.

  42. Hi Bill,
    This makes perfect sense for me. The Mr. Pollard Opus in a 178cm length would be perfect for you. For what you are skiing you would not need a longer ski at all and for the snow you are skiing the Opus is a perfect choice as that one ski that will do everything that you need it to do. No reason to go any longer and enjoy them as they are an amazing ski!


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